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Effortless Grand-Looking Home Makeover for Weddings Amid Pandemic

A home makeover for an intimate wedding of yours

This year has been taxing for our lovebirds – right from home sheltering and isolating from each other to the obvious delay in weddings. The big fat weddings where family, relatives, and friends joyfully gather, enjoy the food, the celebrations have been put on hold, at least for now.

It is impossible to say for sure when we shall again see the wedding festivities that we are accustomed to. Interestingly, the couples are not defeated by a virus just yet and are making way for a new wave of holy matrimony! Yes, we are talking, of course, about virtual weddings! There has been an upsurge in the number of virtual weddings in the past three months and various wedding planners are now embracing the change by planning such intimate ceremonies. With most people still wary of travel and crowded places even though the lockdown has been eased in many parts of the country, couples are now planning to have virtual weddings right in their home.

Families are revamping their living rooms into �mandaps’, open dining spaces into intimate meals in the dining room and cocktail parties now require an in-house bar setup. This has resulted in an increasing demand for sofas including wing chairs, love seats, swings, and ottoman chairs apart from beds and mattresses.

Effortless home makeover for intimate weddings
Mehendi night calls for a comfortable seat for the bride as well as the mehndi artist. Pixabay

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This demand is expected to continue as more and more people will opt for more intimate events at home in the next few months. So, why not make our homes look at their very best for this very special occasion!

Flipkart’s furniture experts suggest some products that are apt for the occasion, which will give your home an effortless yet grand-looking makeover.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi night calls for a comfortable seat for the bride as well as the mehndi artist. The pairing of a wing chair and an ottoman in your living room will serve the purpose perfectly and add to the beauty of the backdrop. The masterpiece you see in the picture combines comfort, beauty and elegance – all in one.

Haldi Ceremony

This pair of ottomans are the perfect size and height for the wedding couple to sit on, and for people to gather around, during the Haldi ceremony.

Welcome Ceremony

Even if it’s a virtual wedding, your close family and relatives will still likely be there, won’t they? This six-seater sofa will make for a comfortable, spacious seat as the rituals get underway. Add a coffee table like this, with nested seating, and you have a place to serve snacks and refreshments to the guests.

Effortless home makeover for intimate weddings
This pair of ottomans are the perfect size and height for the wedding couple to sit on, during the Haldi ceremony. Pixabay

Pooja Ceremony

A beautiful solid-wood temple will add an auspicious vibe to your pooja area. What’s more, it will look great in the pictures too!

The Actual Wedding!

Make the lovebirds feel like a royal couple with this Loveseat from Perfect Homes. The floral elegance of this set will bring out the “wedding” feel and give a contemporary and minimalistic grace to the room. This sofa set can be a nice fixture in your living room even after the wedding.

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Effortless home makeover for intimate weddings
Make the lovebirds feel like a royal couple with Loveseat from Perfect Homes. (Representational Image). Pixabay

Bhojan Ceremony

For guests, weddings are as much about the food as they are about the ceremony. This premium solid-wood dining set is modern, comfortable and elegant, and the perfect setting to serve and enjoy the scrumptious wedding food. If you have a spacious garden, you can set up an outdoor buffet with this patio dining set.

Wine Night

The cocktail party after the wedding is something that most people look forward to. So, stock up your bar cabinet with all the booze you and your guests can enjoy! If you want to avoid crowding at the bar, serve out the drinks on this elegant trolley and wheel it around the house to each person in turn. (IANS)



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