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Christmas decoration. Pixabay

After a year full of turbulence, Christmas seems to be that first ray of light that touches the surface of the earth and fills the quiet life into a bustling one. People have finally come out of their homes and started cleaning their houses to prepare for Christmas. Decorations are in line, regardless of day or night.

Christmas is all about giving and receiving happiness to people which matter to you the most. To make the maximum out of this festival, you can re-decorate your place into a magnificent abode of merry-making with just the correct decor ideas. Here are 9 Christmas home decor ideas by Heena Jain, Head — Design Consultant, Woodenstreet that will completely transform the look of your home:

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Lounge Chairs

It is a fact that a Sofa has the capability to completely transform the living area, but a lounge chair is not that far behind. A beautiful lounge chair can make your living space more inviting and intriguing. You can place the chair wherever you want but the preferred location would be right beside the fireplace. It will be even better if there are two lounge chairs, that way it will complete the setup.


Right after placing two lounge chairs beside the fireplace, place two to three ottomans in the living room, because an ottoman increases the seating capacity of your area, so in case of extra guests, you don’t have to end up standing alone. other than Christmas, it is often used frequently in the house. Now, it is not necessary to buy all the products either in red or white, any color can work the charm.

Bar Cabinet

Bar Cabinet. Pixabay

Now that you have settled with the seating arrangement, let’s decide on the party starter. Just a bar cabinet is not enough, a fully functional bar cabinet is what we need for this Christmas. With a proper wine cellar and a cabinet with an inverted wine glass section, the spacious shelf will keep you handy when serving the drinks. This is the most important part, as the whole party will revolve around the table.


A bookshelf is what we need to design a perfect Christmas decor. Fetch all the books in the house and arrange each book into the bookshelf, and place it in a corner of your living room, so it can provide a classic oxford appearance to space.


Just like we bring new clothes at the festival, bring the sets of curtains for your home so that not a single corner remains untouched. A curtain really demarcates the detail and enliven the space. Don’t go for a dark shade, go for light shade drapes so it will maintain the theme of Christmas.

Bring the sets of curtains for your home and decorate them. Pixabay

Rugs and Carpets

It is very essential to bring any carpet or a rug for your home because it creates a clean and organized space. A shaggy carpet or a Wool rug is very appropriate for this Christmas, as winters will be less cold with the carpets. Do not go for a complete floor carpeting, only a large piece of the rug at the center of the living room.

Hanging Planters

Till now, your place already has started shaping up to be a perfect venture of joy and happiness. Add some hanging planters in the room, it will provide a natural perspective. Later, you can use these planters for decorations. Go for pairs, not for singles, so that it will accentuate the simplicity with a natural touch.

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Basically, no one needs to be told to put on the lights on Christmas, it is an understood fact, but besides the decorative lighting, bring home some ceiling and wall-mounted lights. The moment you will switch on these lights, you will be awestruck by the alluring and mesmerizing setup of the room. Alight at the right place can change everything in the place and it highlights each and every aspect of the room.


The place is complete yet it is looking incomplete because the decorations are not yet taken place. Bring a Christmas tree and place it in the corner of your living room, decorate with the things that really matter to you and your family. Hang the socks at the fireplace, but don’t overuse the rice lights, because remember, we are going with the minimalist theme this festival. (IANS)


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