Man Kaur: A 100-year-old runner wins three gold medals at the Americas Masters Games in Canada

Man Kaur has won over 20 medals, 3 of them gold this week at the Americas Masters Games

Man kaur

Vancouver, Sept 16,2016: “Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance”- David Mamet

Man Kaur, the 100-year-old women from India did overcome her old age and treachery by winning three Gold Medals at the American Masters Games on August 29, 2016. It is a sporting event held in Vancouver that takes places over 9 days and features athletes that are over 30 years of age.

Things you should know about this centenarian women:

  •  Kaur, completed the whole 100 meter race in just one minute and twenty one seconds, without taking a single break in the entire run.
  • She was the only female participant in the 100-meter-race.
  • The international event rolls out athletes who are above thirty years of age, Man Kaur is alone in her category, but that fact has not let her step back.
  • Kaur has now won more than twenty medals in Masters Games across the globe. Three of them this week, at the the America’s Masters Games.
  • The three events in which she won Gold Medals are : 100- meter sprint, javelin and shot put.
  • Man Kaur, has a son who is 78 years old, who also is taking part in the Games.
  • She started running at the age of 93, when encouraged by his son.
  • While practicing in her home at Chandigarh, she goes out every evening to run five or ten short distances.
  • Her secret of health – lots of exercise and a good diet. She avoids junk and unhealthy foods and is a complete vegetarian.

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Coming back to story of Man Kaur!  “When she wins, she goes back to India and she is excited to tell others, ‘I have won so many medals from this country’. Winning makes her happy” said Kaur’s son Gurudev Singh, mentioned in press agency . He went on to add further, “She encourages other old ladies, that they should run, they should not eat wrong foods, and they should encourage their children also to take part in the Games.”

When she crossed the finish line in Vancouver she stood there smiling, with her hands raised in the air, the other contenders most of them in their 70s and 80s were there cheering for her. Kaur’s energy and drive to compete has become an inspiration to participants in the unique international event for athletes.

Man Kaur

Many of us would struggle to get out of bed after reaching 90 years or so, while most might not even live that long, but not everyone falls in the same cohort,while probably thinking about about their illness and how pray for death to come fast. Man Kaur thinks about improving her timing in the 100 meters sprint.Man Kaur gives us major life goals.

Your are an Inspiration, Lady. Go on!

-Prepared by Enakshi Roy Chowdhury of Newsgram. Twitter: @enakshirc58

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    This women is an inspiration for all the youngsters!