Recreated horror: App to show consequences of Hiroshima bombing on your hometown

By NewsGram Staff Writer

An app which allows one to envision and map out the scale of destruction of a nuclear bombing, similar to what happened in the Hiroshima blasts.

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This app, Nukemap, developed by a historian of science, Alex Wellerstein, simulates the consequences of a nuclear bombing. It shows you the destruction which can happen if a bomb like the Little Boy bomb (codename of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima)—or more developed and more destructive bombs—were to be dropped in the fallout area or location mapped.

It shows you what will happen to your home if such a disastrous thing were to happen.

According to the app features, users can select from a range of locations, preset bombs (like Little Boy and Fat Man, which were dropped on Japan), choose exactly how the bomb is to be dropped and detonated—and you get to see the effects plotted on a map and the casualties counted up.

Public Radio International (PRI), a global non-profit media company, developed a similar application which shows the effects of the Hiroshima bombing on any other location.

According to a report prepared by the US Army one year after the Hiroshima attack, in the actual bombing about 66,000 people perished, 69,000 were injured and tens of thousands more were affected by radiation disease.

How hard is it to imagine this disaster and its destructive power once again?