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An image of the Snapchat logo created with Post-it notes is seen in lower Manhattan, New York, May 18, 2016. VOA

Popular photo-messaging app Snapchat will now let its users play as their “Snapchat Bitmoji” avatar in a wide variety of video games as the company has unveiled a Bitmoji for Games SDK that would let video game developers replace their characters with the app’s Bitmoji.

“The Bitmoji functionality will work by using the Snapchat app to scan an in-game code to link the game with your Snapchat account.

“Snap plans to support the functionality across games on PC, consoles, and mobiles. Previously, the company let other app developers import Bitmoji using Bitmoji Kit,” The Verge reported late on Thursday.

Snapchat in a Smartphone. IANS

However, as of now, there is no confirmation about what developers or games would choose to integrate Snapchat’s Bitmoji avatars.

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There’s currently support for Unity, Unreal and British VR gaming start-up PlayCanvas already inside Snapchat. The Bitmoji for Games website tells players to stay tuned for more updates, according to the Engadget. (IANS)



Verbal and non-verbal reasoning is the frequently asked logical reasoning question.

By- Monika Rao

International Mathematical Olympiads' (IMO) are conducted annually. Olympiad exams are competitive exams that are conducted by various organizations all across India plus abroad. These examinations are conducted on the basis of the school curriculum of ICSE, CBSE, and some other major state boards. These exams help the students understand where their performance stands with their peers across the country. The paper pattern for this exam is that they are all objective-type with multiple-choice questions.

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Photo by Flickr

While mental health issues in the workplace are a reality for most companies, the stigma associated with mental health problems often prevents people from seeking help.

A study by Assocham showed that nearly 43 per cent of employees in the private sector in India suffer from mental health issues at work. Also, a WHO report in 2017 found out that 18 per cent of global depression cases originate from India.

While mental health issues in the workplace are a reality for most companies, the stigma associated with mental health problems often prevents people from seeking help. Stigma is the result of negative perceptions and stereotypes and reflects a lack of understanding about mental health issues. External stigma often involves negative opinions, judgements, comments, and assumptions made by others; internal stigma can take place when the person affected by mental illness internalises these negative messages.

Why Stigma a Major Problem?

Though most mental health problems are common and treatable, the stigma or negative stereotypes associated with mental illness often forces employees to not talk about the issue. Even in workplaces that are quite progressive, several employees keep their mental health issues under wraps fearing that being open to talk about them will hurt their reputation, compromise work relationships, or even put their job at risk.

Employees with untreated mental health issues tend to have more serious and costly health issues in general. For instance, their risk of heart attacks and strokes is twice as high, and people with mental health issues are twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes. This all adds up to missed work days and a loss in productivity that can significantly affect the performance of organisations.

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A syllabus is a great tool for students as it lays out what is expected from the examiners.

By- Monika Rao


The grade 12th examinations will soon commence and students are preparing accordingly. However, class 12th candidates often find subjects like physics, maths and English as tough. This is because each of these subjects requires high accuracy while answering and a good foundational background.

In this article, we have compiled a list of helpful tips that can help CBSE class 12 board exam students overcome their examination anxiety and make the most of their preparation time.

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