Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Bags You can Use to Promote Your Business

Here are some alternatives to plastic bags for your business

Plastic alternatives
You need to adopt to alternatives of plastic bags to help your business grow. Pixabay

When talking about materials, one of the most ubiquitous is plastic. You will find plastic at every turn, everywhere you look and everywhere you go. In fact, you can hardly go through a whole day without having to use something made from it. We depend on plastic bags to store our groceries. Lotions, conditioners, and shampoo are always packed up in plastic bottles. It is almost impossible to avoid finding plastic utensils and containers in our takeout bags.

It is true that most plastic items can easily be recycled. However, land-fills are the still most likely destination for these items. The result of this is that our oceans end up being polluted and all of this waste poses a potential threat to sea life. This is one of the reasons that businesses that are conscious of the environment are now employing more innovative alternatives in place of plastic bags for business promotion.

Here are a few plastic bag options that your business can adopt as a marketing tool.

Tote bags alternatives
You should consider using Tote bags as alternatives to plastic bags. Pixabay


 If you want to minimize the impact your business has on the environment, you should consider using this alternative for business promotion. In fact, canvas bags are a cheaper alternative to plastic bags. One great feature of these bags is that they have better aesthetics than plastic bags. Hence, your customers will appreciate and use them more than they would plastic bags. Click here for environmentally friendly tote bags


Reusable bags are one of the most common plastic bags alternatives that environment-conscious businesses adopt for marketing and promotion. They do this to take responsibility for their impact on the environment. The fun part is that they are almost as affordable as standard plastic bags. Hence, you do not need to worry about any impact on your profit. Most reusable bags can carry products that weigh between thirty to fifty pounds. Another interesting thing about them is that you can easily store them by folding them into a pouch that has a five by five-inch dimension.

Resusable bags alternatives
A resusable bag is one of the best alternatives to plastic bags. Pixabay

This means your customers will find them as effective as plastic bags. You can find reusable bags in different colors. Hence, you do not need to be concerned about finding the color that perfectly represents your brand. The materials used in making these items (usually ripstop nylon) allow you to print your design on them. This means that you can also print your logo and business information on them.


A lot of us are already used to depending on plastic bags whenever we go to the grocery store for shopping. This alternative provides the same convenient solution. In fact, the major difference is that they are eco-friendly. You can easily clean them, take them anywhere, and fold them because they are manufactured from breathable mesh. This material makes them reusable as you can easily clean them by throwing them in your washing machine.

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They are also very cheap as you can get a set of five for around $10. This means that your business will not have to eat into its profits simply because you want eco-friendly produce bags.

The options listed above are cost-effective alternatives to using plastic bags to promote your business.


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