Twitter Rolls out a New Filter for Direct Messages (DM)

It is not the equivalent of a delete button but hides replies behind an icon

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Twitter is a social media app that encourages short tweets and brief conversations. Pixabay

Twitter is rolling out a new filter for Direct Messages (DM) that will help curb abusive and spammy tweets and hide unwanted messages in your account, the company announced on Tuesday.

The micro-blogging platform tested the feature for over a month, before announcing it for all the users across Twitter’s iOS, Android and Web apps.

“We tested, and turns out filters help you cut through the noise to find gems. Who knew. So we’re rolling out this filter to everyone on iOS, Android, and web!” said Twitter Support.

Messages that potentially contain abusive and offensive content will be filtered before they reach your DM inbox.

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A man reads tweets on his phone in front of a displayed Twitter logo. VOA

You will also be able to hide replies soon in the conversation thread on Twitter that are offensive, hateful or racist in nature.

The micro-blogging platform is testing a feature called “Hide Replies”, beginning with users in Canada which will be rolled out globally.

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It is not the equivalent of a delete button but hides replies behind an icon.

“We’re testing a feature to hide replies from conversations. This experience will be available for everyone around the world, but at this time, only people in Canada can hide replies to their tweets,” Twitter Support posted. (IANS)


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