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Find out How ‘Shiva Linga’ in Hinduism is related to Science

Each Linga comprises of 'Har' that is Lord Shiva and 'Hari' who is Lord Vishnu

  • Hiranyagarbha is beginning of life and is a formula that is complete within itself and does not require any organ to reproduce
  • Like structure of DNA, which is double helix; Shiva Linga also represents double helix structure
  • Each Linga comprises of a ‘Har’ that is Lord Shiva and ‘Hari’ who is Lord Vishnu

Lord Shiva is the fundamental God of Hindus. He is worshipped in many forms bust most common form is Shiva Linga. As birth of Lord Shiva cannot be traced, we worship in form of Linga. The word “Linga” itself means symbol. The twelve Shiva Lingas or Jyotirlingas are worshipped by people all over the country.

A Shiva Linga comprises of three parts- top, middle and bottom part. The lowermost part has four sides and is underground while the middle part has eight sides and remains on pedestal. The part we actually worship is a top most part which is round and resembles like egg. This egg is sometimes referred to cosmic egg or what people generally call ‘Brahmanda’.

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As we know base structure of any life form is DNA and RNA. It is related to shiva linga. Here is the explanation.

Hiranyagarbha is beginning of life and is a formula that is complete within itself and does not require any organ to reproduce. It reproduces from one to two, two to four and so on like DNA which consists of genetic code and reproduces on its own. Like structure of DNA, which is double helix; Shiva Linga also represents double helix structure. Number of snakes wrapped around Shiva Linga in form of double helix.

4 heads of Shiva Linga (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
4 heads of Shiva Linga (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Some of the incidents in Mahabharata describes that Lord Shiva had four heads each in one direction. Just like DNA and RNA have four mononucleotides in each direction- Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine (Uracil in case of RNA). Like each nucleotide has three components – Sugar, base and Phosphoric acid, Shiva also had 3 eyes in each head.

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When Shiva Linga originated, rishis thought that each Linga comprises of a ‘Har’ that is Lord Shiva and ‘Hari’ who is Lord Vishnu. One can easily found that Jalhari consists of 3 lines. Three in Sanskrit means ‘many’ or ‘multiple’. The sage imagines ‘Har’ is neutron and ‘Hari’ is proton inside nucleus. Lord Brahma is considered as electrons. This means that Lord Brahma is circulating around Hari as electrons revolve around nucleus.

Since neutrons have no charge, it is protons which held electrons in their orbits. This has been picturised as Hari (Lord Vishnu) ties up Brahma through thread attached to his naval. He is coordinating with Hari after creating nature and looks after it. Shiva is a neutron and just like a neutron is neutral and consists no charge, Shiva is also neutral and meditates alone in Himalayas.

Lord Shiva meditating (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Lord Shiva meditating. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

When a nucleus is broken or destroyed, a destructive energy releases. Similarly many epics had shown that if we disturb Lord Shiva energy will be released in form of Rudrani or Kali which would destroy everything.

If one looks at nuclear reactor, it looks like a Shiva Linga or mound. Water is sprinkled continuously on Lord Shiva to keep his temper in control. Hence, temper of Lord Shiva resembles a nuclear reactor.

Shiva Linga has not only religious importance but also scientific importance. Therefore, Shiva is the smallest and largest thing in the World.

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