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5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Home Warranty Plans in Texas

Home warranty plans are a very different creature

Home insurance is a no-brainer. If a disaster happens, you know you’ll be covered. In fact, your mortgage company demands that you have it as part of your mortgage contract.

Home warranty plans are a very different creature. Carrying a home warranty plan is completely up to you, and are 100% optional. But you need to have one.

We’re about to show you five reasons why you need to have a home warranty plan in Texas. By the end of the article, home warranty will be as much of a no-brainer as home insurance.

Here’s why.

Home, Warranty, Plans
Home insurance is a no-brainer. Pixabay

1. Home Warranty Covers Everything Home Insurance Doesn’t

Home insurance covers you when disaster happens. We understand the importance of that. There are a lot of natural disasters in Texas that require home insurance coverage.

But what about those personal disasters that have nothing to do with mother nature or that thief that lives down the street?

Home warranty plans cover you when bad things happen that you can’t attribute to an outside source. It’s security for the day-to-day home ownership problems we all experience.

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2. The Worst Things Happen When Cash Is Hard to Come By

When things are going well and your bank account is healthy, it seems like nothing major happens to your home. When money is tight and you’re struggling to pay the bills, that’s when your HVAC system shuts down and you can’t pay for a repair or replacement.

With a home warranty for Texas homes, you’ll have no worries. With a simple phone call, you’ll be able to get your repairs or replacements taken care of without draining what’s left of your bank account.

Forget about the stress involved when unexpected appliances break down. You’re covered.

Home, Warranty, Plans
If a disaster happens, you know you’ll be covered. Pixabay

3. You Can’t Predict the Future

How long have you been holding onto that refrigerator that doesn’t seem to ever want to cool properly? What about your range that makes cooking almost impossible? Or your clothing dryer that takes three cycles just to do its job?

You never know when your major appliances will finally say, “enough is enough” and shut down for good. A home warranty plan will assist you in replacing those appliances that don’t have life left in them anymore.

4. Appliances Aren’t Made Like They Once Were

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Decades ago, you’d buy a brand new appliance and fully expect that it would be in good condition for the rest of your life. You might even pass it down to your children.

We understand that it doesn’t work that way anymore. Appliances built today have limited lifespans, and you never know when they’re about to expire. Sometimes, you’re lucky to get five years of life out of a pricy investment.

Texas home warranty plans cover you when these things happen.

5. Life Is Unpredictable

Just when you think you have all your ducks in a row, something breaks down. You thought you were prepared, but you weren’t prepared for this.

A Texas home warranty plan takes the stress out of the unexpected. When something goes wrong, just make a phone call and get it resolved.

What a wonderful feeling.

You Need a Home Warranty Plan in Texas

It’s not expensive to have a home warranty covering you. In reality, it can be about a dollar a day. Think about how much stress that will save you when the inevitable happens.

We’re here to serve you with the best home warranty plans you’ll find. Let’s talk.



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