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Asia's first Fitness festival. Pixabay

Aiming to encourage people to refocus on their fitness goals in 2021, the month-long virtual fitness festival ‘FitFest 21’ kick-started with a ‘Digital Dance Party’ on New Year’s Eve. Organized by HealthifyMe, the festival which is said to be Asia’s first-ever virtual fitness festival brings together a host of activities, including daily live workouts and cooking sessions, bite-sized courses on diet and fitness, celebrity master classes, health quizzes, and games.

Over 200 special classes are planned by HealthifyMe coaches from across the globe, more than 40 bite-sized courses are designed by coaches from India, Singapore, Malaysia, the US, UK, and Slovenia. Additionally, there will be weekly recipe demos and workout sets by celebs and influencers like Chef Meghna Kamdar, Chef Saby, Sana Saeed, among others.

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Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe said: “We are excited to bring Asia’s largest online festival to HealthifyMe. FitFest will have 200+ special live workouts, masterclasses and tips by top chefs and trainers, and lakhs of rupees worth of daily prizes to be won daily. We will also be celebrating stories of fortitude and inspiration through the pandemic times – of coaches and customers who lost more than half a million kg of weight together and built stronger bodies and minds in 2020. We hope that everyone can #Restart 2021 with renewed hope, inspiration, and fitness, and FitFest aims to deliver exactly that.”

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2020 changed the way fitness is delivered with consumers moving away from co-workout spaces like gyms, studios, and even parks due to COVID-19 and instead relying on online fitness services. HealthifyMe saw its user-base grow by 4 million during 2020 and the number is growing by 10 percent month on month. (IANS)


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Tenali Raman, courtier to Krishnadevaraya (A portrait)

Tenali Ramakrishna, or Tenali Raman as he is more popularly known is Birbal's equivalent in South India. A court jester and a scholar exuding great wisdom, Tenali Raman was known as one of the greatest courtiers in King Krishnadevaraya's court.

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Battle at Lanka as mentioned in the Ramayana

It must be noted that different religions and societies in Southeast Asia have alternative narratives of Ramayana, one of the greatest epic.

Here are some of the versions of Ramayana!

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Virendra Singh Gosain, Hindustan Times

Hijras are a community of people who include eunuchs, intersex, and transgender people

When a baby is born in an Indian household-they invite hijra to shower the newborn with their blessings for their blessings confer fertility, prosperity, and long life on the child. But when that child grows up we teach them to avert their eyes when a group of hijras passes by, we pass on the behaviour of treating hijras as lesser humans to our children. Whenever a child raises a question related to gender identity or sexuality they are shushed down. We're taught to believe that anything "deviant" and outside of traditional cis-heteronormativity is something to be ashamed of. This mentality raises anxious, scared queer adults who're ashamed of their own identity, and adults who bully people for "queer behaviour".

Hijras are a community of people who include eunuchs, intersex, and transgender people. They worship the Hindu goddess of chastity and fertility, Bahuchara Mata. Most hijras, but not all, choose to undergo a castration ceremony known as "nirvana" in which they remove their male genitalia as an offering to their goddess. The whole community is vibrant with hundreds of people with hundreds of ways of expression, the true identity of a hijra is complex and unique to each individual. In India, hijras prefer to refer to themselves as Kinner/Kinnar as it means the mythological beings who excel at singing and dancing.

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