Delhi Police Using ZIPNET Reunite Speech Impaired Child With His Family

All available data were searched through ZIP Net

Delhi Police
How ZIPNET helped reunite a speech impaired child with his family. Wikimedia commons

The Delhi Police have helped reunite a hearing and speech impaired child with his family. The kidnapping report of the 11-year-old child was lodged at Dayalpur Police station on December 15 after he went missing.

During a routine visit to observation homes for counseling of missing children, the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) of the southeast district police came across a disabled child (facing hearing and speech impairment) who was admitted as a vagabond at the children home for boys at Lajpat Nagar.

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On inquiry with the children’s home administration, the team discovered the missing boy had come to them one month ago.

The child was examined but was unable to communicate anything. The team shared his information and photographs with many institutions, police officers and known persons who had helped the team in the past. ‘Hue and cry’ notices were also pasted at prominent places in Delhi but it proved futile.

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“Thereafter, all available data were searched through ZIP Net. Finally, the data available about a kidnapped boy lodged in Dayalpur Delhi was found similar to that of the recovered child. The information was shared with the Dayalpur police station and the parents were informed. The child has now been reunited with his family under Operation Milap,” said RP Meena, DCP South East. (IANS)