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Sikh guru Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born on December 22nd, 1666.

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, also known as Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Prakash Parv, is an auspicious day commemorating the birth of the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

According to the Georgian calendar, Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born on December 22nd, 1666; but his birth anniversary is celebrated every year in line with the lunar calendar, which falls on January 9th, this year. He was born in Patna and was an outspoken supporter of social equality. He was a vocal critic of injustice and prejudice, and as a result, he became a significant source of inspiration for many people.

Guru Gobind Singh is honoured by Sikhs and have been an important figure in their lives. He is credited with the creation of the Dasam Granth, whose hymns constitute a holy element of Sikh prayers till this day. It was him who initiated the formation of the Khalsa community in 1699. Among his other accomplishments, he was the one who finalised the Guru Granth Sahib as the primary scripture. It is the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh that have enlightened the people of his religion and many others throughout the world.

5 K's Guru Gobind Singh was the one who established the five 'K's' that the Sikhs follow today. | Wikimedia Commons

He was the one who established the five 'K's' that the Sikhs follow today:

1. Kesh (also known as kesa): Refers to hair and beard that has not been shorn.

2. Kangha: Wooden comb used twice a day.

3. Kara: A bracelet made from iron or steel worn around the wrist.

4. Kacchera: Short breeches.

5. Kirpan: A sword.

On this day, believers from all over the world extend their warmest greetings to one another and pledge to follow the guidance and practice of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in their lives. Devotees assemble to pray for blessings and organise large gatherings in which they sing devotional songs and share food with each other. Following this, they offer special prayers in Gurudwaras, which are their places of worship. The food plays an important part in the celebration of Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti. Numerous worshippers go to Punjab's Golden Temple to offer prayers and take a dip in the sacred Sarovar (a pool or moat-like tank built around or adjacent to the Gurdwara).

Golden Temple Numerous worshippers go to Punjab's Golden Temple to offer prayers and take a dip in the sacred Sarovar. | Pixabay

Guru Gobind Singh was a poet, spiritual teacher, warrior, philosopher, and writer. Although he passed away in 1708, his principles and convictions have survived through the generations of his followers.

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