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Himalayas from the International Space Station. Wikimedia Commons

A study published Wednesday shows nearly all the world’s glaciers have been melting at an accelerated pace in recent years, accounting for rises in sea level over the last two decades.

In the study, published in the science journal Nature, an international group of scientists used high-resolution images from NASA’s Terra satellite to study 220,000 of the world’s glaciers between 2000 and 2019.

They found those glaciers lost an average of 267 billion tons – 267 gigatons – of ice per year.

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The study found melting increased over time, from an average of 227 gigatons in the early 2000s to an average of 298 gigatons each year after 2015.

The study showed the melt was raising sea levels by about 0.74 millimeters a year, or 21 percent of the overall sea-level rise observed during the period.

Warming temperatures caused by climate change are melting glaciers and ice sheets all over the globe, according to scientists. Pixabay

Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets were excluded from the study.

Scientists have long warned that warming temperatures driven by climate change are shrinking glaciers and ice sheets around the world, contributing to higher sea levels that threaten the world’s populous coastal cities. The latest reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change project that future sea levels will rise by more than a meter by 2100.

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Glaciers in Alaska, Iceland, the Alps, the Pamir mountains, and the Himalayas were among the most impacted by melting, researchers found.

Glaciers with surrounding communities provide an important water source and their decline could lead to serious food and water shortages.

About half of the world’s glacial losses are in North America. (VOA/KB)


wikimedia commons

Tamil inscriptions of epics, written on palm leaves

Among the Tamil epics written during the Sangam age, only a few survived to this day. Manimegalai is one such. It is written as a sequel to the Sillapadikaram, taking the story forward of Kovalan and Madhavi's daughter, Manimegalai. The Sillapadikaram is about the injustice of the Madurai kingdom in the execution of Kovalan, which turned Kannagi, his wife into a goddess seeking vengeance for her husband's death. Kovalan, before his death, has an affair with a court dancer, Madhavi, and his daughter, Manimegalai, is said to begin a different tradition among the Tamils.

The epic, written by Sattanar, introduces Buddhism to Dravidian culture, something that has been alien to them for years. Manimegalai is the protagonist, who flees constantly from the pursuit of Chola prince Udhayakumara, and tries to lead an ascetic life. Throughout the plot, Buddhist tenets are used to avoid the culmination of a love-story. Manimegalai is believed to be the anti-love story sequel to the Sillapadikaram.

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