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After a year into the pandemic-driven remote working, 40 per cent of Indian businesses reported an increase in the cyber attack volume, severity and/or scope of cyber attacks in the last 12 months in comparison to the global figure of 47 per cent, a new report has showed. While 38 per cent of respondents from India continue to be very concerned about the security risks while working remotely, globally, this figure stands at 39 per cent, according to '2021 Thales Global Data Threat Report', a commissioned study conducted by 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Despite being over a year into remote working and the possibility of a likely shift to hybrid working models, security remains a key concern for the Indian businesses, the report said, adding that managing security risks is undoubtedly getting more challenging in the country. "Many organisations experienced heightened security challenges over the last year and with the increasing number of ransomware attacks, organisations are now facing a double extortion threat," said Ashish Saraf, VP and Country Director - India, Thales. "Not only could they be locked out of their critical IT and OT systems but also have their sensitive data released on the Internet," he added.

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Surge in cybercrime due to work from home. Pixabay

With most people working from home, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a surge in cybercrime. The year 2021 saw 5,258 data breaches across the globe, a third more breaches analyzed than last year, according to a report on Thursday. The 14th edition of the Data Breach Investigations Report (2021 DBIR) by US-based Verizon Business, analyzed 29,207 security incidents from data collected from 83 contributors, with victims spanning 88 countries; 12 industries, and three world regions.

The report showed that with an unprecedented number of people working remotely, phishing and ransomware attacks increased by 11 percent and 6 percent respectively, with instances of misrepresentation increasing by 15 times compared to last year. Additionally, breached data showed that 61 percent of breaches involved credential data. About 95 percent of organizations suffering credential stuffing attacks had between 637 and 3.3 billion malicious login attempts through the year.

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Smartphone cyber attacks have been increased. Pixabay

Indian organizations witnessed a staggering 845 percent increase in cyber-attacks on employees’ smartphones since October 2020, as remote working during the pandemic saw the mobile attack surface expand dramatically in the country, a new report said on Wednesday.

While the total number of mobile attacks on Indian organizations in October 2020 was 1,345, it reached 12,719 firms in March this year, according to the Threat Intelligence Report from cybersecurity firm Check Point. In 2020, the researchers discovered a highly significant attack, in which threat actors used a large international corporation’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) system to distribute malware to more than 75 of its managed mobile devices.

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India to face cyber attack amid coronavirus by Korean hackers. Pixabay

India is among six nations that may see a large cyberattack on June 21 in the form of Covid-19 themed phishing campaign from North Korean state hackers.

The attack is part of the Lazarus Group’s large-scale campaign targeting more than 50 lakh individuals and businesses, including small and large enterprises, across six countries: India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan the UK, and the US, according to a ZDNet report on Friday.

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