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Many organizations do use at least one of these tactics, however many fail to effectively apply all 5 to their businesses practices.

By-- Elisha

All online businesses should be applying at least some form of digital strategy to their online business. Digital marketing strategy is often neglected by many businesses, sometimes because it is simply not understood. Ultimately though, there are 5 key marketing techniques that all online businesses should be using, regardless of the nature of the product or service being offered.

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Internshala has launched its COVID-19 initiative, ‘Chalo India, Let’s Work From Home’. Pixabay

NEW DELHI: The recruitment and training platform, Internshala has launched its COVID-19 initiative, ‘Chalo India, Let’s Work From Home. The initiative invites students from all educational backgrounds to apply to more than 12,000 work-from-home internship opportunities. The interested internship seekers can apply to the opportunities by 5th June 2021.

The initiative offers internships in varying profiles including marketing, web development, business development, human resources, content writing, digital marketing, app development, and many more. Each internship under this initiative comes with an assured stipend. The highest stipend being offered is 45,000 per month.

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A guide to select the best digital marketing course. Pixabay

By Derek Gleason

If you are running a blog or business online, then you must have heard the term digital marketing. You have to market your products and services to increase sales and bring more potential customers.

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