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Wikimedia Commons

Indian Army Elite 9 Para Commandos in action during a operation against terrorists somewhere in Kashmir.

Are part-time terrorists a new challenge faced by the security forces in Kashmir?

Senior officials of the security forces and intelligence agencies believe they are. A part-time terrorist, also called a "hybrid terrorist", is an otherwise normal youth without any track record of terrorist activities.

"Such youth are given a specific task identified and overlooked by an overground worker (OGW) and once accomplished, they are advised to return to routine life.

"The main objective of using a hybrid terrorist is to generate fear among the masses and also create an impression of uncertainty in areas where the part-time terrorist is used," an official said.

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These youth are different from the sleeper cells of terror outfits. A sleeper cell is a group of highly motivated, trained, armed terrorists with a well-defined track record of terrorist activities.

"A sleeper cell is allowed to hibernate so that a bigger attack is carried out while the focus of the intelligence agencies and the security forces remains on those cadres of terror outfits who are active in a specific area."

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