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Top Things To Do In Orlando Besides Theme Parks

There are a few other places you can visit during your stay

By Carol  Trehearn

It’s no surprise that when people talk about Orlando, Florida, you automatically associate the destination with some of the top theme parks in the world. While these are front-runners when visiting the spot for any family, there are a few other places you can visit during your stay.

Take a look at some of the best places to visit in Orlando besides the famous theme parks:

Bok Tower Gardens

This beautiful spot is just 10 miles from Legoland, Florida, and is the perfect place to soak up spectacular surroundings and nature. Bok Tower Gardens covers around 700 acres and includes woodland gardens, nature trails, citrus groves, and conversation land. It’s the ideal setting for kids and adults alike and is a hidden gem compared to the hustle and bustle of other tourist sites.

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Another thing Florida is known for its alligators and the perfect place to see thousands of alligators and crocodiles is Gatorland. It’s one of Orlando’s oldest attractions and is set on around 100 acres and includes a petting zoo, breeding marsh, and Florida panthers. If you’re staying in the area, it’s far not to travel to. For example, it’s about a 35 minutes drive from the popular Solterra resort.

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

theme parks
Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is must visit. Wikimedia Commons

This attraction is located near Walt Disney World in Kissimmee and is not for the faint-hearted if you’re afraid of heights. There are activities including swings, nets, ropes, and a trapeze so you can show off your best Tarzan impressions to everyone.

Winter Park Boat Tours

These one hour narrated boat tours are a great way to see the beauty of Winter Park’s waterways. This spot is around 15 minutes north of downtown Orlando. It is a relaxing journey, including sights such as Rollins College, Kraft Azalea Gardens, and not to mention the multi-million dollar mansions along the way.

Crystal River Watersports

If you travel to Florida’s west coast, you can spot off at this spot to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. One of the top features of this attraction is the 3-hour’ Swimming with Manatees’ tour. Plus, you can opt for the Eco Tour, where you may get a chance to see gators, wild pigs, and dolphins. There are also scuba diving and freshwater dive tours available.

Orlando Balloon Rides

Take to the skies in a spectacular balloon ride over Orlando’s skyline. These rides showcase the best views of the location and provide a unique vacation experience. You’ll find this operator just a short distance from Walt Disney World.

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Revolution Adventures

If you’re looking for some outdoor fun and adventure, then this spot in Florida’s countryside has it in abundance. There’s everything from off-road and dune buggy driving to guided tours and fishing on the private lake. All the equipment is included in the price, and there’s plenty to do to spend a whole day soaking up the Florida landscapes.

There’s so much to do outside of the theme parks in Orlando. Don’t forget to visit the main tourist websites for more activities and savings on great days out!



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