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62 people had same wealth as 3.5 billion people in 2015: Oxfam

Apple arrangement in Sabji market, Delhi, India

By Chaitanya Mallapur

Just 62 individuals had the same wealth as 3.5 billion people- the bottom half of humanity- in 2015, according to a new report, An Economy For The 1%, by global advocacy Oxfam.

This figure is down from 388 individuals as recently as 2010. The wealth of the richest 62 people has risen 44 percent in the five years since 2010, an increase of $542 billion (Rs.24,66,100 crore) to $1.76 trillion (Rs.1,07,36,000 crore), which is 86 percent ($2.05 trillion) of India’s GDP in 2014.

The wealth of the bottom half fell by just over $1 trillion in the same period, a drop of 41 percent.

This scenario is a reminder of the aphorism “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, a commonly used socialist criticism of capitalism. The findings provide some context to the forthcoming January 20 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos with the theme: Mastering The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Had inequality within countries not grown during 1990 and 2010, an extra 200 million people would have escaped poverty. That could have risen to 700 million had poor people benefited more than the rich from economic growth,” the Oxfam report said.

“There is no getting away from the fact that the big winners in our global economy are those at the top,” the Oxfam report said. The poorest half of the world’s population received one percent of the total increase in global wealth, while half of that increase has gone to the top one percent since the onset of the 21st century.

In China, the richest one percent own a third of its wealth, while the poorest 25 percent own one percent, according to a recent study conducted by the Peking University’s Institute of Social Sciences.

“Our economic system is heavily skewed in their favor (the rich), and arguably increasingly so,” said the Oxfam report. “Far from trickling down, income and wealth are instead being sucked upwards at an alarming rate. Once there, an ever more elaborate system of tax havens and an industry of wealth managers ensure that it stays there, far from the reach of ordinary citizens and their government.”

How wealth is spirited away to tax havens

Nine of ten companies, of 200 analyzed, are based in at least one tax haven. Corporate investment in tax havens in 2014 was nearly four times larger than that in 2001, according to Oxfam’s analysis.

One recent estimate is that $7.6 trillion of individual wealth more than the combined gross GDP of the UK and Germany is currently held offshore, the Oxfam report said.

Similarly, around 30 percent wealth of Africa’s rich (around $500 billion) is held offshore, leading to a tax-revenue loss of nearly $14 billion to African countries.

The gender pay gap is also quite evident 53 of 62 world’s richest people are men. Women make up the majority of the world’s low-paid workers, concentrated in the most precarious jobs, the report said.

In India, the pay of CEOs skyrockets

The CEO of India’s top information technology firm makes 416 times the salary of a typical employee in the company, the Oxfam report said.

Indian lawmakers passed a disclosure mandate in 2013, requiring pay ratios of CEOs to be made public, according to this report by the PricewaterhouseCoopers consultancy. India’s stock market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), is now releasing the first set of such data, the Oxfam report said.

The top executive at ITC, the country’s largest cigarette manufacturer, for example, is paid 439 times the median salary for employees at his company, said the Oxfam analysis, quoting this report from Quartz, a portal.

India has only 42,800 people with a declared income exceeding Rs.1 crore; that is 0.1 percent of 35 million Indian tax payers, as then finance minister P. Chidambaram mentioned in his 2013-14 budget speech. India has 172 million people below the poverty line, IndiaSpend reported earlier; we also reported how wealth is increasing in India but so is inequality.

What the pharma industry one of the world’s most profitable has wrought

The pharmaceutical sector, one of the most profitable industries on earth, strongly protects intellectual property rights (IPR), which has paved the way for 90 billionaires.

The report explains how pharmaceutical companies in the US pressure their own government and through it, the Indian government and Indian pharma companies, to honor IPRs. For instance, pharmaceutical companies spent over $228 million on lobbying in Washington in 2014.

In India, patient groups, civil society organizations and government have challenged pharma giants for access to cheap medicines.

For instance, patient pressure groups claim that India has imported only small quantities of Onbrez (Indacaterol), a drug whose rights are owned by the Swiss multinational Novartis, whose drug could help as many as 30 million Indians suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

To meet the demand, Indian multinational company Cipla, based in Mumbai, began manufacturing its own version of Onbrez and selling it for a fraction of the original price. (IANS,

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These Five Plants Can be Your Lucky-Charms in Life

These plants have an aura and an energy, which can improve your luck

Tulsi. Pixabay.
  • Plants and trees are being worshiped since ancient times.
  • Vastu Scholars have believed that planting trees at home would bring you closer to good fortune.

Luck is an aspect, which changes without letting you know. But, we all try to influence our luck by believing in certain things called ‘lucky charms’. Call it superstitious or not, but we do. From wearing wrist bands and rings to keeping a small idol of Lord Ganesha, we fall into the trap of keeping little secrets in the form of lucky charms, don’t we? And if we do want to be lucky then why not adopt an eco-friendly lucky charm like plants? It may sound bizarre, but it really isn’t. Astrologers and Vastu experts have stated that worshipping trees and always staying beside them would save us from obstacles in life. Plants generate a positive atmosphere and attract prosperity and fortune.

Here is the List of 5 plants that brings good luck



Tulsi. Pixabay.

Tulsi or Basil leaves hold extreme significance in Hindu mythology. It is considered holy for Hindus. We all know that tulsi leaves consist medicinal properties and are used to enhance the health and taste quotient of food. But, what we don’t know is that tulsi has the quality of warding off the negative energy from your home and help you succeed financially in life. So, we must plant it as tulsi is the plant that brings good luck/charm.


‘Peepal’ tree: brings good luck to us:

Peepal tree, also known as Ficus religiosa is a plant species considered extremely auspicious by Hindus and is regularly worshipped by them. The tree is said to have the capacity to wash off the sins committed by you. Science has proven that residing around a Peepal tree will keep you healthy and develop a positive surrounding, as the organism gives out the maximum oxygen.

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Banana tree:

Banana tree. Pixabay.

Vastu experts have suggested that planting a banana tree on the north side of the house welcome wealth. And, if the Tulsi plant is grown next to the tree, good fortune will surround you all the time; hence, making you lucky.

Vastu for wealth: Howto impress lord kuber

Money plant:

As the name itself suggests, money plant brings you a lot of good luck and wealth. Chinese have a tradition of gifting money plant on the New Years. It is believed that the plant’s shoot should point upwards, as it brings you wealth.


Rose plant. Pixabay.

Roses are believed to be the luckiest as they attract luck and love. And, different differents roses exude different energies. For example, red rose attracts true love and white rose marks purification and healing. A red rose with white spots symbolizes passion.

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Earn More Money- Vastu Tips to impress Lord Kuber

Vastu tips to impress the Lord of Wealth and prosper in life

Lord Kuber
  • Vastu Shastra plays a significant role in improving your standard of living.
  • Vastu tips like right placement of different materials would help you prosper.

It is important to impress the Lord of Wealth, Kuber for earning more money. However, Lord Kuber does not get easily impressed, you need to work your fingers to the bone.  Science has proven that the traditional Hindu architecture system, Vastu Shastra (science of architect) affects the luck of the individual or the family. It enhances your standard of living.

Below are some Vastu Shastra tips for impressing the Lord of Wealth!

Vastu Tips For Wealth:

  • Place the money Locker in the South or South-West direction
Locker should be in the south or south-west direction. Pixabay

The jewelry and cash kept in the money lockers should always be in the south or south-west direction. It is said that Lord Kuber lives in the northern direction and if, the locker is opened towards the north, the god will shower wealth on it.

(vastu tips for wealth)

  • The money locker should not be placed under a sharp focus light

Money locker being the most important thing of your house, should be kept in a calm space. It cannot be placed under a sharp focus light, as it shows that the family is going through a tough time.

(vastu tips for wealth)

  • Place the locker in front of a mirror

It is stated that keeping a mirror in front of the money locker would double the wealth you have, as the locker’s image gets reflected in it.

(vastu tips for wealth)

  • Position of staircase for prosperity
Staircase should not be built in the north-east direction. Wikimedia.

The staircase should not be built in the north-east direction, as this portion attracts the greatest money and money; thus, it needs to be clutter free.

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(vastu tips for wealth)

  • Land purchasing

While purchasing a plot of land, one must see that there is no high-rise building or temple in the north-eastern direction as it acts as an obstruction in the flow of wealth. If purchasing a land in such a situation is unavoidable, then you must ensure that the building does not cast a shadow on your land.

(vastu tips for wealth)

  • Tree plantation in the South-West
Tree plantation should be in the south-west. Pixabay

Vastu Shastra Gurus have suggested that planting trees in the South West region would bring good wealth and fortune in the family and prevent mishaps.

(vastu tips for wealth)

  • House should be neat and clean

Ever wondered why people say that Goddess Lakshmi resides in the house of those, who keep their houses clean? Vastu Shastra Experts have suggested that the main entrance of the house must always be clean, as it’s an invitation to Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi.

-by Megha Acharya of NewsGram

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Vastu Shastra: Why is it Regarded as the Science of Architecture?

Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for a perfect state of balance in life

Vastu shastra
Vastu Vigyan. Wikimedia

September 8, 2017:

Definition Of vastu Shastra:

Vastu Shastra as we all know includes 5 elements of nature also known as panch bhoonas. It is a traditional Hindu style of architecture  which literally translated in to “science of architecture” and has a connotative meaning attached to it i.e. “Science of architecture”. These are texts found on the Indian subcontinent that describe principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry.

Why do we need Vastu Shastra?

“Vastu Shastra” may not be indispensable for sustain a living but it is important for a healthier life. Vastu Shastra is a well-applied vedic science and works on some fundamentals and principles like design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry. Your home is the place where you reside and spent most of your valuable time which is why it is extremely important to attract positive energies where you live.

Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for a perfect state of balance in life:


  • Vastu for Perfect state of balance

Vastu Shastra drives a perfect balance in your life. There are the lot of things which you find unbalanced and you face difficulties placing them. With the help of Vastu Shastra, you will find yourself in the state of utopia where there will be a perfect state of things. Give yourself a hike and dwell in it to see fruitful results.

The entire Universe, whether it is stars, planets, moons, or any form of life, is made up of these five elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth & Space. In buildings each direction is dominated by one element – a balanced state being the cause of positive, and an imbalanced state the cause of negative effects.

It is the balance or imbalance among these Panchtattva that makes one’s Space a virtual heaven or hell.

An underground water tank in South Zone will cause anxiety, fire-accidents, restlessness and disturbed sleep. Similarly, the fire placed in North Zone (Zone of Water) will block new opportunities, receipt of payments and lack of orders, as they are attributes of this Zone. So here in these examples, you can see how an imbalanced state of elements in a building creates problematic real-life situations.


  • Vastu to Attract positive energies in home:

Positive energies are vital for life, and you need them to channelize your energies on a virtuous path. Positivity sublimes your body and soul as it gets reflected from your persona.

Vastu Shastra tips to increase positivity in home:

  • Keep the corners of your bright and not dark.
  • Your dining hall should not be exposed to the entrance of your home.
  • Keep a fish aquarium in the southeast direction of your living room.
  • You should place a happy family photograph in your living area.
  • Avoid shades of red, pink, dustbin, old newspapers and kitchen in the North-East as these objects create negative thinking, as proven by documented research in Vastu .
  • To attract positive thinking, place an Aunkar or Swastika in North-East. This will improve your connectivity with Universal Consciousness and your own higher self which, in turn, will help broaden your perspective of life. Cleansing will start and you will know clearly the path of growth with a healthy mind.
  • Avoid locating the dustbin, toilet and store in East-North-East, as these hamper the capacity to overcome thoughts of the past and start afresh.
  • The dustbin and bedroom in the East-SouthEast hamper positive thinking and a healthy state of mind. Ideally, place a dustbin in the South-SouthWest to improve your ability to ‘let go’.
  • It is important not to have your bedroom in the West-North-West or stay for long in this zone. You will experience blocked emotions, start having regrets and grudges, and feel compelled to spew out your negative thoughts. This affects your relations and contacts and, in turn, your growth in life.
  • Balance yourself and choose your life and model your house accordingly, based on Vastu concepts.
  • You can eliminate the toxins from your mental and physical spaces and your mind will be free and body, healthy.

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  1. Vastu tips for a Wealthy life

They say wealth is just a mindset, and how does your mindset about certain things change? Your mindset changes when you inculcate a spiritual and a positive mindset. Wealthy comes to those who work for it. With the help of Vastu Shastra, you can achieve the same.

Vastu Shastra Tips to gain Wealth:

  • Do not wear torn clothing as it prevents goddess Lakshmi from entering your home.
  • Try placing a mirror in front of your cash locker so that you can see the image of cash locker in the mirror. It has an effect of doubling your wealth in a long run.
  • Your home should be in some elevation to the main road and shouldn’t be below the main ground.
  • Always keep your doors and window clean, as it has an ill effect on the flow of money in your home.
  • Keep the broken or damaged taps repaired because leaking taps signify draining wealth.
  • Planting big trees in the southwest directions brings stability in financial conditions of your home.
  • Avoid kitchen, bathroom and sink in the north zone as it will drain away your wealth and career opportunities.
  • Also, avoid placing the dustbin, broom, washing machine and mixer-grinder in the north zone to attract more money and opportunities.
  • Keep your working desk in the west zone of your house as this will help you in quick and efficient decision-making.
  • A picture of a village scene in the west-southwest Vastu zone helps in acquiring property easily and quickly.
  • A southwest entrance door will bring in debts, loans and financial problems.
  • Place a pair of red horses in the south zone of your home to attract more money.
  • Keep the safe, work table and your drawing room in the north zone of your home for continuous flow of money.
  • Attract more money and wealth in your life by placing the idol of Lord Kuber in the north zone.
  1. Vastu Shastra Tips To Drives success

Many times after putting in abounding hard work you don’t get success. It is because of one or the other thing erroneously placed in this universe working against you. So to avoid unnecessary failures on your path you may take help of Vastu Shastra.


Vastu Shastra tips to achieve success in life:

  • Green is best suited for your child’s bedroom as the green color brings peach and freshness.
  • The center of your child’s room should be kept blank. Try to avoid placing any furniture there.
  • Do not keep mops and broomstick in a kitchen.
  • The mirror should not be placed in the kitchen, it not recommended.
  • Do not grow any kind of negative plants like the cactus; it brings negativity in your home.
  • Do not keep the toilet lip open, shut it down after use.
  • Your home should have a proper supply of water and air.
  • It is preferred to place mountain wallpaper in your office as mountain symbolizes heights and your career graph will take a leap accordingly.
  • Placing a wallpaper of sun in the southern area of your living room is recommended.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Career growth:

  • While working, a wall behind your back represents support.
  • On the wall behind you, hang a poster of mountains. This strengthens support.
  • An open space ahead you, while working, represents openness and new ideas will come to you.
  • For conference rooms, try to sit at the SW corner and this must be the farthest from the entrance of conference room.
  • The furniture must be either square or rectangular. Square is better.
  • Wooden furniture is considered best.
  • If your workplace is in West, you can buy a glass-top table.
  • If any of the furniture is broken, either get it repaired or change it immediately.
  • Make sure that you have high back chairs. They signify support and are good medically.
  • Fix any leaking taps or water faucets as they signify loss of money.
  • Face either East or North while doing business. North is better for monetary gains.
  • Keeping plants in SE corner of office supports business and money growth.
  • You can also place or light a lamp in the SE part of office. This will attract money and good luck.
  • Always keep your office well lit.
  • Try to keep fresh flowers in East side of your office.
  • Heat generating instruments such as, computers, machines, heaters etc. must be kept in SE.
  • If you’re an artist, student, or writer etc. then make sure that your room is away from all distractions. (Students must read our vastu tips for study room).
  • If you’re the owner of a business or CEO of a company then make sure that you get the SW room at office and you sit in the SW corner of this room with your face in North.
  • Keep the NE part of your workplace clean and tidy.
  • Keep finished products (if you’re in manufacturing) in NW; this speeds up selling.
  • Make sure that the center of room is open and free.
  • Make sure that all windows and doors are clean.
  • You can place a water fountain in NE of your table or in your office cabin.

Good things start happening to you only when you believe in yourself and steer the footsteps in a right direction. A right step can illuminate your path and raise you on a crest of success.

-By Staff writer at Newsgram

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