A matrimony website for homosexuals

image source: www.businessinsider.com

Ahmedabad : Benhur Samson, an NRI settled in the US has started a matrimony website for homosexuals to find their life partners in India.

He works in the field of medical tourism and helps gay couples have children through surrogacy. He decided to start the service arrangegaymarriage.Com for homosexuals to get life partners after requests from his clients, after, Obama declared marriage equality rights.

His website has already got about 250 requests from gays, mostly Indians, and the agency has helped around 29 couples to get married till now.

The idea of the website came up because of the several of his gay clients, who were opting for surrogacy services, were visiting India to get their babies where they’d find partners and would like to stay together. After the clients get enrolled, the portal gives them a one year time and promises them to find them a suitable partner within that time frame.

The portal has been doing this since last eight years and has been successful in making around 29 gay couples tie the knot.(inputs from agencies)

  • Annesha Das Gupta

    Yes, many will find hope in this story and will think that one is stepping away from the culture of homophobia. Though it is need to be noticed that the term ‘arranged’ and ‘marriage’ which have applied to the heterosexual couples for centuries had bring on the surface hordes of the internal prejudices like casteism and discrimination based on religion and ethnic communities, not to mention the skin color; another of the ‘ideal type’.

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