Anglophonic education: Netaji Bose’s worst fears coming true


1. By Dr. Kallol Guha

A CD of a recorded speech of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is now available. The CD contains one of his broadcasts from Tokyo Radio in 1943 where he analyzed the international situation, justified creation of Indian National Army, and reminded the responsibilities of his countrymen in furthering freedom struggle.

Excerpt from his lecture states: “In this war, we find two world powers engaged in battle. On one side are the groups of old monarchy, determined to preserve their colonial interests. Opposing them, are a new group of imperial forces who intend to destroy the colonial controls and replace it with a new world order. Belong to the former group are the Anglo-American Imperialist powers, masked in freedom and democracy. Should this imperial power become victorious then India will be subjected to permanent subjugation. Along with that- enslavement of several other unfortunate nations will be further consolidated.” His analysis continues.

A question may be asked: Is Netaji correct in predicting “India will be subjected to permanent subjugation?”