Another empty rhetoric: Trump rescinds transgender protection rights

It’s been a second month after Trump joined the office and has been outraging people already with his vexing policies

A protester to support all students sign from National Center for transgender equality, Source : Wikimedia Commons

Washington, Feb 24, 2017: Last Wednesday, trump administration rescinded the federal protection for transgender students to choose bathroom and locker rooms matching their gender identities. The instruction to the schools came out as a shock among Trans students. It’s been a second month after Trump joined the office and has been outraging people already with his vexing policies. Trump boasted in his previous speeches that he would be called a champion for LGBTQ rights but the preachings have seemed to be forgotten now.

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It is not clear what impending change the policy will have on students but the entire scene is depressing and has turned out into an emotional national debate. It was observed that about 200 people gathered in front of White house to an outcry against Trump’s disturbing actions, waving rainbow flags and shouting “No hate, no fear, trans students are welcome here”.

“Revoking the guidance shows that the president’s promise to protect LGBT rights was just empty rhetoric” said James Esseks, director of American Civil Liberties Union’s LGBT project.

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“I’m angry; I’m outraged. This is about kids who just want to go to school who just want to be themselves and to hear the president a week or two ago talk about how supportive he is of LGBT people. It’s just outrageous that he goes after trans kids this way.” Said Mara Keisling, an executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

The protection for the Transgender community was activated under Barack Obama presidency. The conservative activist hailed the change by calling Obama directives as illegal and tarnishing fixed gender rights.

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Slowly and steadily people who voted Trump for notions like “Make America great again” seems regretful for their decision. It brings back the recall of ‘empty rhetoric’ as what trump used to call, which seems to backfire the president itself.

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-prepared by Naina Mishra of NewsGram. Twitter-@Nainamishr94