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Aparna’s conversion to Shahana: Is it Forced Islamic Conversion of Hindus in Kerala?

Aparna was traced at Sathya Sarini, an institute that aims to spread the word of Islam among non-Muslim communities

Muslim women India. Image source:
  • An estimated 5,793 non-Muslims have been forcibly converted to Islam between 2011 and 2015
  • A recent shock of 21 people had gone missing comes another case of a girl converted from Aparna to Shahana
  • A similar case of Kerala’s Nimisha turning Fathima got the public’s fury recently

Aparna, a student of aeronautical engineering in Kochi, suddenly went missing one day. In this precarious situation, her mother was left with no option and filed a missing report with the Kerala Police. After the investigation, she was located in Calicut.

Aparna was traced at Sathya Sarini, an institute that aims to spread the word of Islam among non-Muslim communities. She had now been converted as a Muslim, going from Aparna to Shahana. A revelation that shook the whole country!

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Women come as a soft target for forced Muslim conversions. Source:
Women come as a soft target for forced Muslim conversions.

An intelligence report prepared by Kerala’s state police has recognised two conversion centres in Kozhikode (or Calicut) and Malappuram which has converted people to Islam over these years. An estimated 5,793 non-Muslims have been forcibly converted to Islam between 2011 and 2015. It is also feared that the number of converted Muslims at ‘unrecognised’ centres is much higher.

Aparna was a hostel resident from August 2013 at Jual Education Trust, Ernakulam.

Demonstration against forced Islamic conversion and Love Jihad. Source:
Demonstration against forced Islamic conversion and Love Jihad.

The TOI report also states, more than half of the converted people are women. An approximate of 76% of the total are women below 35 years of age, with Nimisha alias Fathima and Aparna as some of the easy targets. Aparna now refuses to go home with her parents, and when presented before the High Court, she insisted on going with Sumayya, who also took Aparna to the court. This is the face of extreme Islamic radicalism that the nation and worldwide countries are encountering with.

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The religious conversion centres ‘authorised’ in the state are Tharbiyathul Islam Sabha, Kozhikode, and Monunsthil Islam Sabha, Ponnani, where most conversions take place. Allegedly 4,719 of those converted were Hindus and the rest 1,074 were Christian, mentioned a TOI report.

Another detailed report is to be carried out to ascertain whether the cases of Nimisha and Aparna are forced conversions and if they have joined ISIS. “Inquiries are required to know whether this will affect the communal harmony, internal security of the state and nation. A detailed SSB (State Special Branch) inquiry in Kasaragod, Kannur, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram, and Palakkad is recommended to unearth the details,” said the report that was sent by the SP of Kasaragod, A. Srinivas, who had also investigated the case of Nimisha’s conversion in November 2015.

– prepared by Chetna Karnani, at NewsGram. Twitter: @karnani_chetna



  1. It’s very unfortunate nowadays that journalism inspired by hate spreading of rss had stooped so low! instead of an introspection on hostile Hindu practices against women, this article is trying to portray that an adult girl has been”forced”to escape a life of oppression and subjugation.grow up “Hindu isis” !!

    • yes you mullehs have such friendly practices for women…covering 2 year olds in burqas….and hindu isis … are so funny..

  2. The time has come to ban conversions, declare India as Hindu state. Those who talk of freedom of religion should do it in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries. The conversion through sword is as dangerous as conversion through smile and service.

  3. When Turkey govt.,banned Khaffiye ( muslim caps ) in Turkey there was a huge opposition in muslim world including India. Even Gandhi asked hindus to stand by the freedom of Muslim “brothers”. Muslims took out violent rallies thru out India. While doing so, they hurt Hindus out of anger and forcibly converted nearly 30,000 hindus in Mallaparam district in India. Gandhi was compelled to roll back the agitation.

    In Kerala, Catholics are busy converting hindus. They joined muslims, keeping a watchful eye on them too as they hate the muslims too. Both, Muslims and catholics also use communists to hurt and kill hindus deliberately brutally . But muslims intimidate hindus and christians alike under the full protection of Sonia Gandhi and AP combo.

    The fattu Mawalli baxxxrds like Rajdeep, Barkha, Karan , etc….are silent. They themselves are so much afraid and become gilipil to talk about muslims. They are shamelessly busy abusing Modi, bcs. it is easy.

  4. Surprisingly , the centuries old practice of subjugation of women in India ,still continues in 21st century, where an adult woman cannot choose who she can marry , what her faith should be ,or what she should wear ,,


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Tellis writes that Pakistan’s hatred is driven by its aim to be considered and treated equal to India, despite the vast differences in their achievements and capabilities.

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The report further suggests that Pakistan sees India as a genuine threat and continuously uses Jihadi terrorism as a source to weaken India. The report extends its support to India’s position and asks other international powers, including the U.S., to extend their support to New Delhi.

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-by Megha Acharya  of NewsGram. Megha can be reached at @ImMeghaacharya. 

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Why are Ordinary Citizens becoming ‘Extremists’?

Factors of people dwelling into extremism

Extremists (Representational Image)

Oct 1, 2017: The 21st century is witnessing more and more of extremism, in the form of both verbal and physical assault. The phenomenon of showcasing extreme support is visible in many countries. Groups like ISIL target extremists and through them conduct violent activities in the name of defending ‘Islam’ and Muslim communities.

Who are Extremists?

A person who has extreme political or religious views and lacks the quality of being ‘objective’. The actions of extremists may often be aggressive and violent. Various organisations including the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have gauged the factors of people resorting to such measures.

One may wonder as to why do extremists resort to aggression and violence in the name of religion or ideology? What could lead to someone dwelling into such actions? Apart from education and poverty, there are factors which result in such behavior. Various studies and researches indicate factors- loneliness, depression, and need for societal acceptance as some of the reasons.

The FBI in one of its reports has stated some vulnerabilities which lead to terrorists or extremist groups.

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The following factors make people more prone to believing in such ideology:

1. Feeling of loneliness.
2. Emotional distress.
3. Hatred towards a sect of society.
4. Disagreeing with governmental policies.
5. The need of being accepted in the society.

Terrorist organisations are in search for these people only. While the reasons for becoming an extremist is mostly a mystery, but terrorist organisations recruit the ones who have these vulnerabilities, as these factors are directly related to a person’s psychology and conscience, and the game can certainly be won by playing with the person’s psychology. These people are dehumanizing those who do not fit into their view, and as mentioned before this extremism is leading to terrorism. Extremism in India, which has lead to terrorism is prevalent in conflicted areas like Jammu and Kashmir, where Islamic militants are conditioning and instigating the citizens of the state to raise their voice against their nation.

The rising extremists is a grave concern that commands immediate actions to be taken. The present actions determine that the future may be very bleak. We need a future which has humanity and objectivity. Extremism needs to be beaten through the power of knowledge, education and right information.