BJP treats ‘Ram’ as a party cadre, says Nitish


New Delhi: Lambasting the BJP for trying to mislead the people using religion and ‘Ram’, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that the party treated the Hindu god as a party cadre.

While RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat’s recent comments on the completion of the ‘Ram Mandir’ in Ayodhya generated a media hype, Nitish Kumar’s statement questioning the BJP’s sincerity towards building the temple created quite a flutter. Nitish’s comments also eclipsed Bhagwat’s endeavour to arouse feelings of Hindutva.

Well, Nitish Kumar does have the credentials to question the genuineness of the BJP’s attitude towards Ram. And there are obvious reasons for Nitish to take a dig at the BJP. It was in his bastion where the wheels of the Modi juggernaut came off.

Nitish rightly pointed out that only a court verdict and an agreement between two communities can facilitate the construction of the temple. BJP was using the temple issue to reap political mileage, he stated.

While Bhagwat said, “None can say when and how the temple will be constructed, but we need to be prepared and ready”, Nitish refuted the statement saying, “they will talk of constructing the Ram Temple at the same site, but will not give dates. The BJP has only been trying to keep the issue alive”.

BJP did not have “genuine respect for Ram”, Nitish Kumar told reporters in Patna, lambasting the party for trying to generate a false hype.

“They just want to exploit people’s feelings for Ram. The party has hardly made efforts to sort out the (temple) issue, but uses it for political reasons at intervals”, said the Bihar CM.

Though the next general election is miles away, a horde of state assembly election is ensuing. With BJP losing its footing in Bihar, it is clear that anti-BJP sentiments are gaining momentum.

National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah had even feted Nitish Kumar to be the next Prime Minister

“Nitish ji ko ab tayyiari karni chahiye Dilli aane ki aur agla Pradhanmantri banne ki,” (Nitishji should now get ready to move to Delhi as the next Prime Minister), Abdullah said recently.

With Lalu Prasad Yadav making a sensational comeback and notable Chief Ministers of different states attending the coronation ceremony of Nitish Kumar, it is a clear indication that a third front is gearing up to topple the Modi government. And undoubtedly, Nitish with his charismatic political approach will lead the pack.

(With inputs from agencies)