British PM David Cameron links language with extremism


London: British PM said that almost 1,90,000 Muslim women do not know the English language and these women because of the lack of education were exploited. He said that in these societies women are controlled by the men and this control is damaging.  Cameron added that country needs to counter this backward attitude.

British PM denied to directly link the poor English language and extremism but he said that people who do not know English properly, are more susceptible to the extreme ideologies.

Cameron showed a desire to build, “a more integrated, cohesive, one nation society, where everyone can make the most of their talents’’.

He said that if people can’t speak the same language then it can’t be a country of opportunities. PM also said that however, it is not the fault of their own because they are not taught to integrate into the new society and culture.

Cameron hinted that people who will not be able to pass the language test within two and a half years, might not be allowed to stay in the country.

He told the Times newspaper that if a person does not improve his English fluency, it might affect his stay in the UK.

The comments from PM David Cameron received a lot of criticism from various groups as they called it a result of stereotyping and fear about Islam and the East.

The Ramadan foundation also criticized Cameron and called it a cheap political trick to score some points.