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CPI(M) kicks off poll campaign in West Bengal


Kolkata: With assembly polls ensuing in West Bengal, the CPI(M) kicked off their election campaign with a huge rally at the Brigade parade ground on Sunday. The rally witnessed a plethora of the party stalwarts attending the programme.

Lambasting the Trinamool government in West Bengal, CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury gave the clarion call to oust the present government saying “Trinamool hatao Bangla bachao” (remove TMC and save West Bengal).

CMI(M) leaders including Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat, Surya Kanta Mishra, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Md Selim, Biman Bose, Sitaram Yechury attended the rally.

Former chief minister of the state Buddhadeb Bhattacharya called upon the party activists to get united and fight the ongoing atrocities across the state.

Notably, he made the call at a time when a horde of party cadres had migrated and expressed solidarity with the Trinamool Congress (TMC).

Without active and united stand TMC cannot be rooted out of the state, Bhattacharya cautioned.

Mentioning the numerous cases of suicides among farmers and labourers in the tea sector in the Darjeeling district, the former state supremo said that the administration had failed miserably to ensure basic needs of the people.

Coming down heavily on the Mamata-led government, Biman Bose alleged that most of the TMC ministers were involved in the Saradha ponzi scam which had crippled the economy of the state. He called for a sit-in programme on Jan 12, in front of the CGO complex  and  similar agitation programme on Jan 28 in all administrative offices across Bengal.

Bose also called for staging similar demonstrations on Jan 28 in every administrative office all over Bengal.

Brinda Karat, in her address, mentioned that there was clandestine entente between TMC and BJP, and said that both the political parties were misleading the people with their concocted differences.

Bahar me Kusti andar me dosti” (they wrestle on the outside while internally they are friendly), Karat said.

Brinda Karat lamented that the despite the state having a lady as a chief minister, the condition of women had deteriorated.

“Where were Trinamool MPs when Akhlaq was butchered at Dadri or an innocent Dalit boy was set on fire in Haryana? it was shameful that no representative from the Trinamool Congress visited that place or raised these issues publicly because they were busy to cover up the Saradha Scam,” she said.

Leader of the Opposition in the state, Surya Kanta Mishra, pledged of bringing in an industrial revolution in the state if the party is voted to power in the ensuing election.

“We are hopeful of making an industry in Singur if we come back to Power,” Mishra said.

(Inputs by Arnab Mitra)


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Dalit women who got jailed for ‘beating up CPI-M men’, gets bail in Kerala

On Friday, June 17, Thalassery Police presented Akhila and Anjana before a court that sent the two siblings and Akhila's 18-month-old baby to jail

Dalit Women. Image source:
  • On Friday, Thalassery Police presented Akhila and Anjana before a court that sent the two siblings and Akhila’s 18-month-old baby to jail
  • The Congress party accused the ruling party of misusing power to send the two Dalit women to jail on false charges
  • CPI-M legislator A.M. Shamsheer said the two women trespassed into their party office and the law took its course

KERALA: A court here in Kerala on Saturday, June 18 granted bail to two Dalit women who were sent to jail on Friday for “trespassing into Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) office and beating up two party men”.

The Congress party, however, accused the ruling party of misusing power to send the two Dalit women — Akhila, 30, and her 25-year-old sister Anjana — to jail on false charges.

“The conditional bail has been given to the women and every Saturday, they have to report before the probe official and have to surrender their passport,” the counsel for the two women told reporters here.

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On Friday, June 17, Thalassery Police presented Akhila and Anjana before a court that sent the two siblings and Akhila’s 18-month-old baby to jail.

Dalit women in South India. Image source:
Dalit women in South India. Image source:

This case has by now drawn national attention with the media taking it up in a big way and the National Commission for Scheduled Caste looking into it as well.

“This is the biggest joke, such a thing never happened… and that too, two hapless young women beating up CPI-M men at their office. These are absolutely ridiculous and baseless allegations,” the Congress party’s Kerala unit president V.M. Sudheeran said while addressing a party function in Thiruvananthapuram.

Later, addressing reporters in Thiruvananthapuram, Sudheeran said the officials who acted at the behest of the CPI-M leaders should be taken to task for this act.

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Minister for Culture and SC/ST A.K. Balan told reporters in Delhi that they will look into the matter and see if anything wrong was done.

CPI-M state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said “this is the ploy of the Congress party to see that through all this, they can get into the good books of the community by targeting us”.

“The bail application could have been moved on Friday, but none of the Congress people wanted to do so,” said Balakrishnan.

Akhila and Anjana are daughters of Congress leader N. Rajan and his family has come under frequent fire from the CPI-M leaders after he contested last year’s local body election against a top CPI-M leader at Thalassery.

“They went to the CPI-M office to plead with those present there to leave them alone and not make them a subject of ridicule as they have been mentally harassed for long,” said Kannur district Congress president K. Surendran.

CPI-M legislator A.M. Shamsheer, who represents Thalassery constituency, said the two women trespassed into their party office and the law took its course. (IANS)


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RSS agenda similar to Hitler’s: CPI-M


Thiruvananthapuram: The RSS-Sangh Parivar agenda is similar to what Hitler pursued, a CPI-M leader said on Monday.

Addressing reporters here, politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan said the RSS and the BJP were trying their best to divide the society on communal lines in the name of Hindutva.

“The RSS is trying to do what Hitler did,” he said, referring to the attacks on Muslims and Dalits.

He quoted RSS leader MS Golwalkar as praising Hitler’s ideology.

“We wish to know which Hindu scriptures say that killings should be done,” said Vijayan, a senior leader in Kerala of the Communist Party of India-Marxist.

He said the people of Kerala had seen through the agenda of the Rashtriya Swayasewak Sangh in trying to forge an alliance with the SNDP, the social organisation of the Hindu Ezhavas.

“This has come a cropper as the SNDP is not in the hands of a few. We see serious differences of opinion breaking out in the Ezhava community over this,” said Vijayan.


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Harangue still rampant amid pseudo intellectuals in Kolkata


By Sreyashi Mazumdar

images (2)Sipping a cup of tea, wearing a cotton kurta and a jhola dangling across the shoulders, he (anonymous) called for the tea stall vendor and said: “Dada Ekta cha are biscuit diye dao.” Turning to the political page of Ananda Bazaar Patrika, he gawked at the headline on the first page of the leading daily. In a minute, he was surrounded by his friends.

Taking to their seats, all of them started deliberating seethingly on issues concerning development in Kolkata. “Till Mamata is helming the state affairs, no good will be rendered to the state. CPI(M) has already ruined the state and Mamata’s administrative capability is a cherry on top to the same,” he said.

One would often come across such vivacious youngsters thronging the most-talked about getaways in the City of Joy; however, the cock-a-hoop tales doesn’t really materialise owing to their lackadaisical attitude.

“Kolkatans talk a lot. They think that change can happen in a closed room or mere deliberations will overhaul the status of the city; however, this doesn’t really happen in reality. Protests and stalling classes are some of the common phenomena in the city but they fail to yield a result,” said 42-year-old Soumen Biswas.

Attuning to the humidity and the sultriness permeating the city, the tempered souls inhabiting the same are often found in the midst of a heated conversation. Vociferous slogan like “We want change. We will revolt.” can be heard reverberating across the alleys. “Student politics is something that is quite relevant in Kolkata but it has lost its sheen. Students now take to streets owing to every petty issue. One shouldn’t overdo an act as it loses its sheen,” said Arijit Banerjee, a professor at Calcutta University.

Adding to the hubbub, the intelligentia of this city is no less. There might be a string of articleshjhk by the best of the intellectuals such as Amit Chaudhuri, Neil Mukherjee, and Upamanyu Chatterjee, who essay the dilapidated condition of the city. There might be literary festivals with glitterati talking over important issues catering to the city, but a very few of their catharsis has brought forth a change.

“The problem with the intellectuals mainly involve their penchant for a bourgeoisie culture. They might be talking of varied issues ranging from grass-root level politics to cinema and Poriborton but the words they choose to flesh out the same is essentially uptown and unintelligible for the commoners. The divide between the pseudo intellectuals and the commoners at times adds on to impasse surging the city,” said 23-years-old Sushanta Choudhury, a Presidency University student.

Fending off the garrulity prevalent in the city, Kolkatans should think of bringing forth a drastic change. Words should give up their pages and take to reality as action speaks louder than words and it is the same for the city as well.