Deeply hurt by BJP’s political coloring of the issue: Somnath Bharti



By NewsGram Staff Writer

Reacting to the political blow up of the recent domestic violence issue with wife, Malviya Nagar MLA and ex-Law Minister of Delhi, Somnath Bharti, today told NewsGram that he is deeply hurt by BJP’s political coloring of his personal issues.

” The issue is being touted as a hot button topic for its own political gains by BJP. It is saddening to see the kind of petty politics practiced by BJP.” Somnath Bharti said.

The minister informed NewsGram that he has not been living with his wife since the initial years of their marriage and lately, due to party work, was in the public eye, 24*7.

Lipika Mitra has filed a complaint against Somnath Bharti claiming that she was subjected to “continuous” physical and mental abuse and financial deprivation since their marriage in 2010.

The AAP minister has to appear before Delhi Commission for Women on June 26.