Discover the tales of Lord Shiva in ‘Spirit of India’


New Delhi: An hour special show, ‘Spirit of India- Maha Shivratri’, narrating the tales of the multiple facets of Lord Shiva will be aired on the festival on Monday.

The show to be aired on Discovery Channel will also explore people’s spiritual and religious faith and rituals followed to celebrate this occasion across the country.

It will give viewers an insight into the deeper spiritual significance underlying the celebration, according to a statement from the channel.

“The show will showcase people from Varanasi recreating the momentous occasion of Lord Shiva’s marriage to his wife Parvati. From fancy guest lists to dressing up the city in its wedding finery along with colours and scents to singing and chanting, the programme will show how the whole city will participate in the big wedding procession,” read a brief about the show. (IANS)