Egypt’s top prosecutor killed in a blast


By NewsGram Staff Writer

Cairo: Egypt’s top prosecutor was assassinated on Monday morning in a blast near his house in Cairo.

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The blast targeted the convoy of the top prosecutor, General Hisham Barakat who died on the spot.

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The blast also damaged several other cars in the eastern neighbourhood of Heliopolis. He was the senior most state official to be targeted since the toppling of Islamist President Mohamed Morsy two years ago.










The people behind the blast have not yet been identified. Security sources stated that a bomb in a parked car remotely detonated as the convoy of the prosecutor left home.

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The blast clearly states the risk of the threats of militant Islamic groups who are targeting the Egyptian State leadership, according to reports.

State media confirmed the death of the 64 year-old General Hisham Barkat and said that he will receive a military funeral.