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Expulsion of two Akhilesh proteges revoked by Mulayam Singh


Lucknow: Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh revoked the expulsion of two of his close proteges, Sunil Singh Sajan and Anand Bhadauria, an official spokesman said.

The two were booted out of the party last week following complaints that they had opposed official party candidates in the polls for ‘zila panchayat’ chairmen.

The expulsion had stunned the party cadres as the two were considered the closest associates of the chief minister.

After the action was announced by PWD Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav, the chief minister went into a sulk and for the first time skipped the Saifai Mahotsava, baring in open the simmering differences between Mulayam Singh Yadav and Akhilesh.

The sources said that some family members, mainly the young leaders, communicated to the chief minister that the two need to seek forgiveness from Mulayam Singh and then the SP chief would be cajoled into bringing them back into the party fold.

Following the plan, while Akhilesh went to the Saifai Mahotsava after six days of absence, Mulayam also turned ‘soft’ at the persuasion of senior leaders that the incident was sending a wrong message to the people and the party rank and file, especially since the state assembly elections were just a year away.

Finally, Shivpal Singh Yadav announced the revoking of Sunil Singh Sajan and Anand Bhadauria’s expulsion late Friday.(IANS)

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Baffled with mandate in UP elections, Samajwadi party shrouds its defeat with hooliganism

This is the classic example of the Jungle raj that has pulled the reins in on the Uttar Pradesh for decades and now is in the pitfalls. The public voted overwhelmingly against SP’s violent ways and its penchant for resorting to violence


New Delhi, March 17, 2017: The gigantic win by BJP in UP elections that obliterated all the political equations by the political analysts has left the other contested parties shell-shocked with the results. Where few of them initiated their self-analysis to spot the weaklings and procure better chances of winnability, few others (BSP & AAP) miffed with the overwhelming victory of BJP, tried to turn it into the controversy of EVM tampering. But there is one party which has bid adieu all the values & ethics and retorted to violence just to avenge their defeat.

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When the whole village retired to sleep after the joyous and hectic day of Holi, a group of Samajwadi Party workers on Monday night wrecked havoc over the villagers, thrashed them vociferously, and set their huts to fire, reported News 18. This unfortunate incident took place in the Rajbar area of Narayanpur Village in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The incident has left many people severely injured. As of now, a strong police contingent has been deployed in the village and the situation is under control. The villagers while talking to the reporters said that the Samajwadi party workers were repeatedly asking why they had voted in BJP’s favour and why had they not voted for the ‘Cycle’.

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This is the classic example of the Jungle raj that has pulled the reins in on the Uttar Pradesh for decades and now is in the pitfalls. The public voted overwhelmingly against SP’s violent ways and its penchant for resorting to violence.

The BJP government, once it assumes office, has promised in its manifesto as well as time and again during rallies that it will end lawlessness in the state.

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Violence could never be implied as a retort to any order or command, neither it should be subjected as an outcome. The change in regime duly affects the practices of prior regimes. It will be interesting to see whether the BJP adhere to the prevalent hooliganism or condemns it like it did, in its manifesto.

-prepared by Ashish Srivastava of NewsGram Twitter @PhulRetard

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Will end the ‘gundaraj’ in UP if BJP voted to power in the upcoming 2017 Assembly Elections, says PM Narendra Modi

Modi addressed the Parivartan Rally through mobile phone as his chopper could not land here due to low visibility

sugarcane meet
Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Wikimedia

Bahraich (UP), December 11, 2016: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that he would end the ‘gundaraj’ (lawlessness) in Uttar Pradesh if the BJP is voted to power in the state in the coming assembly elections early next year.

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Addressing a ‘Parivartan Rally’ (transformation rally) here through mobile phone, Modi said: “Today there is gundaraj in the state. Everyone is fed up of this lawlessness. Even the police is unable to stop the ‘gundas’ (goons).”

“If you have to take your state forward, you will have to throw out those backing these gundas. And the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will do that,” Modi said, targeting the ruling Samajwadi Party.

The Prime Minister said he cannot understand the discomfort of the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) at the central government’s fight against black money.

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“They (SP and BSP) are seldom on the same page on an issue. But nowadays, they are speaking in one voice. I can’t understand the reason for their discomfort at the fight against black money,” he said.

Modi addressed the rally through mobile phone as his chopper could not land here due to low visibility. The Prime Minister was scheduled to address the rally at 1.00 p.m, but he could finally address it around 3.00 p.m. through his cell phone.

He accused the opposition of stalling Parliament and not letting the government put forth its point on demonetisation.

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However, Modi said that his fight against black money and graft would go on and all those hoarding unaccounted money would be caught in the coming days.

“My government is all for the poor,” he stressed.

Elections to the Uttar Pradesh assembly are due some time early next year. (IANS)

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Happy Birthday to the controversial Amar Singh

Amar Singh

By Harshmeet Singh

The former Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh has long been a mercurial figure in the Indian Politics. Never the one who can be kept out of the news, Singh has had his fair share of political controversies in the past. As he gets ready to celebrate his 60th birthday today, NewsGram is bringing to you the top five controversies related to Singh’s career.

1. Cash for vote scandal

In 2008, a bag filled with cash rocked the floor of the Parliament. The cash for vote scandal took place during the UPA government’s floor test in the Lok Sabha. Singh was charged with arranging the entire scandal and he was later charge-sheeted for the same.

2. The Clinton Cash

photo credit:

Written by Peter Schweizer, the Book Clinton Cash alleged that Amar Singh donated a sum ranging between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation in 2008. The donation was made during the ongoing discussions on the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Hilary Clinton’s support for the bill led to it being passed by a huge majority. Her support to the bill was linked to Singh’s donation. Schweitzer mentioned in his book, “If true, that meant Singh had given between 20% and 100% of his entire net worth to the Clinton Foundation!” 

3. Flip flop with Mayawati

In 2008, Singh accused Mayawati, the erstwhile UP CM, of kidnapping six MPs belonging to the Samajwadi Party just before a trust vote in the parliament. The six MPs were later on expelled from the party! While the two have always shared a cold relationship since then, Singh took a u-turn in 2010 when he praised Mayawati as a ‘political personality in her own right’.

4. Jaya Prada may commit suicide: Amar Singh

Politicians go to any length when it comes to election campaigning. This was Singh’s moment of ‘going to any extent!’

Before the 2009 Lok Sabha polls, while campaigning for Jaya Prada, he said, “If you people do not vote for the bicycle (symbol of Samajwadi Party) and her bicycle does not go to Delhi, then Jaya Prada might commit suicide.”

5. Judge-fixing

A CD containing recorded voices of Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh and Shanti Bhushan came out in 2011. During the conversation, Bhushan could be heard saying that they can bribe the judge with Rs 4 crore to get a favorable decision.