Farooq Abdullah undermines Indian forces


New Delhi:  Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah seems to grab media attention every day with his sensational comments on the highly volatile Kashmir issue. While, on Friday, he created quite a controversy with his comment on the status of Kashmir, on Saturday, he went a step ahead to allege that Indian Army was inept to contain terrorism and militancy in the region.

ANI quoted Farooq as saying that “Saari Hindustan ki fauj bhi aa jaye, toh bhi nahi defend kar sakti terrorists aur militants ke khilaaf (even if the entire Indian Army comes to Kashmir, it will not be able to defend against terrorists and militants).”

However, he also defended his comments made on Friday citing that it was a reality.

Abdullah further said that the Kashmir issue can only be addressed through constructive bilateral dialogue between India and Pakistan.

However,  Farooq Abdullah’s comments are expected to draw ire of quite a few political pundits. It is indeed uncalled for a former head of a state to demean the security forces of a nation. While making his comments for grabbing media attention, Abdullah overlooked the overwhelming contribution of the Indian security forces in thwarting insurgency in the terror-torn Kashmir region.

It is a known fact that Pakistan keeps on funding terror outfits to carry out subversive activities in Jammu& Kashmir to destabilise the situation. It is the Indian forces that have kept a check on the Pakistan sponsored terrorism. Furthermore, the forces revived Jammu and Kashmir when floods had ravaged the region.

Forgetting their contribution, undermining their potential and passing trash comments speaks volumes about the political orientation of leader.

By making such statements, Farooq also proved that during his regime, the Jammu and Kashmir government had failed miserably to contain insurgency and militancy.

(With inputs from agencies)