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From Partition refugee camp to Wembley Honour in London: Inspiring journey of Rami Ranger

Mr. Raminder Ranger was honored with a Doctorate by the University of West London

Partition of India in 1971. Image source: by William Dalrymple

Mr. Raminder Ranger, who is also known as Rami Ranger was honored with a Doctorate by the University of West London on July 21, 2016, during the graduation ceremony in the iconic Wembley stadium. He was awarded for his contribution to business and philanthropy.

He was awarded for his contribution to business and philanthropy and was the honour was presented by Mr.Laurence Geller(Chancellor, University of West London) and Professor Peter John (Vice-chancellor, University of West London). Ms Luna Sidhu, Director of development and alumni relation) further read the citation, mentioned article.

The citation highlighted his early days, his family situation, the problems he faced and the how he overcame all the hurdles to make it big. Mr. Rami’s childhood started in a refugee camp in post-partition India. He had lost his father in the turmoil of partition and his mother had managed to escape with her eight children. Raising children during such a hard time was a herculean task. Even though she worked endlessly, she barely could manage the basics.

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Dr. Rami Ranger Receiving The MBE (Member of The British Empire) For Services To British Business From HRH Prince Of Wales. Image source:
Dr. Rami Ranger Receiving The MBE (Member of The British Empire) for Services To British Business from HRH Prince Of Wales. Image source:

According to, his brothers joined the army, but Mr. Rami went to the UK in search of a better lifestyle. It is never easy to adjust and get going at first, Mr. Rami faced the same. Eventually, he started working at KFC as a chef, a very dedicated and hard working one. These traits of him were very noticeable and helped him grow in the organization from a chef to a District manager. He further worked with other corporate-like McCain and Dixons. These roles helped him gain a good experience in operations and management which further helped him set up his own freight forwarding business in Hayes. He started off with a capital of merely nothing.

Because of his trait of hard work and good work ethics, he always aimed for customer satisfaction which in turn helped him grow in no time. After the success of Sea Air and Land Forwarding, he entered into the business of international distribution in the fast moving consumer goods with Sun Mark. They supplied British food and beverages to companies in other markets. Sun Mark flourished and was soon the Queen Award winner for 5 consecutive years for Enterprise in International Trade. The company has above 100 employees and is worth over 200 million pounds, mentioned article.

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Mr. Rami apart from being a smart business man is also a caring and compassionate human being. He has contributed a lot towards the society and helped his fellow citizens. After the 7/7 bombings, Mr. Rami organized forums for better understanding between different communities. He also supports a lot of charities like Princes’ Trust to Cancer Research UK. The University of West London is one of the educational institutions he supports.

Mr. Rami even after achieving so much, is a very down to earth person .He owes his success to his mother. He strongly believes and also recommends the five values- self-respect, good work ethics, commitment, vision and empathy to be the pillars of his life and success.

– prepared by Rasika Iyer of NewsGram. Twitter: @Rasikaiyer93



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Indian-Origin Doctor Arpan Doshi to Become Britain’s Youngest Physician to Start Working at Hospital

An Indian-origin medical graduate broke the record to start work in the UK by 17 days

Indian-Origin Doctor Arpan Doshi
A Sheffield University graduate becomes the youngest physician to work in Britain. Wikimedia
  • An Indian-origin doctor breaks record and becomes the youngest physician in Britain to start working 
  • He received scholarship of 13,000 pounds from University of Sheffield
  • He will start his two-year training at York teaching hospital in August

London, July 21, 2017: An Indian origin doctor named Arpan Doshi is becoming Britain’s youngest physician to begin working at a hospital located in the northeast of England. He completed his graduation with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from the University of Sheffield on Monday. Doshi, whose age is 21 years and 335 days, will start working in York as a junior doctor the following month.

The record of the youngest doctor starting work in the UK was broken by him by only 17 days. He said that he didn’t even realize that he became the youngest individual to qualify till his friend checked the internet. He has not told his parents till now but he knows they’ll be proud of his achievement, mentioned PTI report.

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He was sent to a school situated in Gandhinagar, Gujrat, till the age of 13 after which Bharat Doshi, his father who was a mechanical engineer, was employed in Aix en Provence for an international project causing his whole family to shift to France.

Arpan, in his statement, said that he realized that he had already studied the things being taught in his school in France which made him skip a year.

Soon after his 17th birthday, he started sending his applications to universities. He faced one rejection but the other three accepted him. The University of Sheffield offered him a 13,000 pounds scholarship after being impressed with his credentials.

To fund his doctorate degree, he received some financial aid given by his parents but he also had to work part-time as a local school’s lunch supervisor and in the service of careers.

“My dream is to become a heart surgeon but it is a very competitive field. It is not really a surprise I have ended up as a doctor,” he said.

Arpan broke the record of Rachael Faye Hill, the former youngest doctor eligible to qualify, who graduated from University of Manchester with a medical degree when her age in 2010 was 21 years and 352 days.

Doshi, with his doctorate degree, is all set to break her record in August when he begins with his training of two years at York teaching hospital as a junior doctor.

-prepared by Harsimran Kaur of Newsgram. Twitter Hkaur1025

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Bihar poll verdict to affect Modi’s London visit


London: With Bihar poll verdict going against BJP, Prime Minister  Narendra Modi’s public interaction with the Indian diaspora in Britain at Wembley Stadium on November 13th has now come under a slight shadow of doubt, according to British Media.

After Madison Square Garden in New York, Allphones Arena in Sydney, Ricoh Coliseum in Toronto, the Dubai Cricket Stadium in Dubai and the SAP Center in San Jose, California, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be holding now trademark public interactions with the Indian diaspora at the iconic stadium on the second day of his visit to Britain this week.

“The result means that as he prepares for an enthusiastic welcome in Britain this week – including an unprecedented sell-out event at Wembley Stadium on Friday – Mr Modi will be smarting from the defeat on home soil, which comes as his administration also faces mounting accusations of fomenting intolerance,” The Independent reported in an article headlined ‘India’s prime minister Narendra Modi suffers embarrassing setback on eve of UK visit’.

“Instead of relying on local BJP leaders to fight the election on local issues, Mr Modi, a sharply dressed and highly skilled orator, took personal control of the campaign in the hope that his reputation and charisma would seal a victory,” the daily stated.

In an article headlined ‘Narendra Modi suffers major electoral setback on eve of London visit’, The Telegraph daily stated: “The defeat will embolden his opposition and dampen the mood as he heads to London for a visit that will include a sold-out rally with British-Indians at Wembley Stadium, lunch with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and an overnight stay at Chequers hosted by (British Prime Minister) David Cameron.”

The report  also pointed out that this was Modi’s second successive defeat in a major provincial election.

“It came as scores of leading Indian writers, artists, film-makers and scientists returned prestigious national awards in protest in protest at what they have called a ‘cultural intolerance’ under Modi’s government and attacks on minorities,” The Telegraph’s article stated.

According to The Financial Times, Modi’s Britain visit will be overshadowed by deepening troubles at home.”Since he swept to power 18 months ago, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved to be a charismatic international statesman, impressing leaders from Shinzo Abe to Barack Obama as well as expatriate Indians with his ambition to modernise India,” it stated.

“But his next foreign visit – to the UK this week to meet David Cameron and the Queen and to address a crowd of 60,000 British Indians at Wembley Stadium – will for the first time be overshadowed by deepening troubles at home,” as added by The Financial Times.

The event on November 13 is going to be the biggest such gathering that Modi will address with the organiser, Europe India Forum, expecting the stadium to fill over with 70,000 people of Indian origin – surpassing the gathering of around 50,000 at the Dubai Cricket Stadium which held on August 17 this year. A crowds of around 18,000 greeted the prime minister at the Madison Square Garden (September 28, 2014) and the SAP Center (September 27, 2015) events while around 16,000 people gathered at Allphones Arena (November 17, 2014) and around 10,000 at Ricoh Coliseum (April 15, 2015).

The 1.5-million strong Indian community in Britain holds a unique place in Indian diaspora as Britain was the first country “which had an Indian community truly representative of its diversity”, according to the report of the high-level IM Singhvi Committee appointed by the government in 2000 to collect data on the Indian diaspora worldwide.

In a Facebook post ahead of his visit, Modi stated that the Indian diaspora in Britain has “contributed greatly to society in different walks of life”. “People-to-people ties are crucial for every bilateral relationship to grow,” he wrote.

Lakhs of professionals and students are also working and studying in Britain. We want to deepen the bond between our diaspora and the people of India,” Modi said.

Because of the colonial connection, links between the two nations have existed for well over two centuries now. Today there is a vibrant and influential Indian community in Britain living an active socio-cultural life with a plethora of ethnic organisations maintaining Indian culture and values. In the British general elections held in May this year, a record number of 10 Indian-origin candidates were elected. Now, the Indian festival of Diwali is celebrated every year at Downing Street. Politics apart, British Indians have made achievements in almost every sphere of life. From business to industry, education to sports, music to cinema, arts to science, healthcare to technology, in each and every field. But whatever the scale of success, however, big the fame, British Indians have always maintained strong connections with their motherland. And as Narendra Modi has always carried a reputation of fondness for the motherland, on November 13th, this nature of him may be a striking base in gathering and attracting  all Indian origins British towards his speech.

Given last year’s general elections in India which made headlines worldwide with Modi becoming prime minister, and now, with the Bihar election that has come as a shocker to the BJP, one can only wait and watch when Modi takes the stage in the ‘Olympics-style’ invitation-only event at the Wembley Stadium on November 13 afternoon in the largest reception given to a foreign leader on British soil.

(Inputs from IANS)

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