Hindu student council to host 25th Annual Collegiate Camp

The event will be marking the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of HSC

HSC Leadership Meet, 2014 Source: hindustudentscouncil.org

By Shubhi Mangla

The Hindu Students Council, one of the largest Hindu organisation in North America is going to host its 25th Annual Collegiate Camp. The event will be held at Shanti Mandir, New York. The council also hosted a Global Dharma Conference in September 2015 which featured about 55 notable performers and speakers. HSC will now be concluding its Silver Jubilee celebrations with the Annual Collegiate Camp. Since 1990, the Camp has been a notable part of the college’s youth summer activities.

According to hindustudentscouncil.org, “Campers from all over the US get together to learn about our great heritage and culture, play exciting team building games, engage each other in stimulating discussions, enjoy blissful yoga and meditation sessions and many other activities. The evenings are filled with games and a camp fire, where campers relax, share memories and create new ones. So, grab a friend or a family member and come on over”.

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The theme for this year’s camp will be “Goals of Life” which is based on a Hindu philosophy  “Purusharthas”. Over 13000 students and youngsters have participated in the summer activites  since 1990. It helps the students to develop a deeper understanding regarding Hinduism.

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Shubhi Mangla is an intern at Newsgram and a student of Journalism and Mass Communication in New Delhi. Twitter @shubhi_mangla


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