If you are an East Indian in USA: Please read what Shabana says


Shabana is a New York -based Indo-Guyanese gal and is passionate about raising issues that concern Indian diaspora. In this post, Shabana writes about the disconnect that in her view exists between East Indians and Indo-Caribbeans, which she powerfully conveys in a single sentence: “I need you to remember that NOTHING but a boat ride separates your family and mine.”

Note: There is a large Indo-Caribbean diaspora in the USA from countries lie Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean island nations. They trace their roots from East India.

If you’re South Asian, please read this!

South Asians who were lucky enough to not be removed from the subcontinent have a serious problem with rejecting Indo-Caribbeans as “real” brown people. I don’t know if it’s because you all are ignorant of your own history or you think brown people don’t exist outside of the subcontinent.

And why? Because we were taken by deceit and forced into conditions no better than slavery? Subcontinental South Asians wanna reject us but love Caribbean culture so much. You blast our dancehall music and imitate our patois poorly. You deny us access to our Indian/Bengali heritage but want to accessorize our Caribbean heritage. How does that wok? I can go on but honestly, if you’re a South Asian who looks down on Indo-Caribbeans, I need you to remember that NOTHING but a boat ride separates your family and mine.

Shabana b: Twitter @indoguyanese


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