Indian rescued from jail in Oman


Yet another NRI was troubled in Oman due to the negligence of his company.

Mohammad Ishaq had been in jail for last 3 months for unknown reasons, finally got released due to the unceasing efforts of Indian Social Forum.

The company where the NRI worked didn’t respond to the fault, they committed. Meanwhile, his relatives also tried to get Ishaq released but they were helpless. Thinking of getting help from the health minister of their locality, they had some words with the minister’s brother but all went in vain. All these were fading the hope of the victim of getting out from jail.

Thanks to his good luck, Nazir Kodimbadi (also an NRI) an active member of Indian Social Forum (IFS) visited the jail for his company’s work and the matter came to his notice. The energetic member along with his other office bearers took charge to get him out of the jail.

Consequently, with the assistance of jail authorities, the forum members met Mohammad Ishaq and collected all possible information of his company and home to make an appeal to the company. But the company didn’t reply to the plea, so they decided to take this crucial matter to the court and to contact all related departments(Indian Embassy, Lawyers etc.) related to the case.

Finally, Nazir Kodimbadi and other members were successful in their combat. Mohammad Ishaq got justice and also the company paid all sort of penalties to his worker for an unresponsive behavior. Also, Ishaq got all relevant papers using which he can visit Oman again. He thanked and expressed his appreciation towards the Indian Social Forum and Nazir Kodimbadi.(Inputs from agencies)(image-wikipedia)