Friday April 27, 2018

Indian students contribute billions to the US economy


By- Tarun Pratap

New Delhi: A staggering number of 1,32,888 students from India has contributed $3.6 Bn to the US economy this year, revealed a report released  by the US Department of Commerce.

Notably, Indian constitutes almost 15 per cent of the overseas students in the USA.

The number of Indian students in the US has increased by almost 30 per cent this year. This shows the lack of faith the students have on the education system in India.

However, the problem lies at many other different levels as well. The dearth of quality educational institutions in rural, urban and semi-urban areas has compelled the students to migrate to foreign nations. With good universities and colleges being limited to capital cities, students have very few options.

The snob effect of studying abroad has also made matter worse. A faction of people feels proper education is available only in foreign lands.

Statistics is an interesting thing. They never reveal the complete story. According to data, India’s GDP and per capita income have increased in last few decades but it has failed to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

While industrialists have become richer, the condition of the needy people is worsening.

Bihar’s education has ceaselessly drawn flak, but one must not forget the brilliant students that the state has produced. Lack of  infrastructure compels the students to move to the Delhi to get the education.

This phenomenon of migration is hurting the Indian economy. The 3.6 billion dollars would have given a huge boost to the Indian education system. But regrettably, after the students go to the US, very few look back to their native land.

India still has not been able to come out of the colonial mindset where Indians were given education just enough that they don’t question the supremacy of the western world.

Everything related to the north is great as the saying goes “let things not go south’’.

Indians are mesmerized with anyone from that part of the world and the presence of Indian students in the US points out the yearnings of them to ape their culture

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Death Knell For The Rape Culture

The death penalty for the child rapist is going to see the light of the day

Death knell for the rape culture
Death knell for the rape culture. Pixabay

By Salil Gewali

The death penalty for the child rapist is going to see the light of the day. Hearty thanks to the countless candle marchers. The credit also goes to those conscious media and columnists who all fueled the agitation and energized the activists. Here PM Modi’s dynamism can’t be overlooked either, because this ordinance, which was long overdue, has happened now.

Let’s all pray that the ‘fear of death’ will be an effective deterrent.  Hope, this will “frighten away” the real vices. In the meanwhile, it would also be very wise on the part of the government to look for other preventive measures since we have lot many “vices” in lot many avatars and assortments which only encourage the sex related crimes. There are also very dangerous “vices” which, when start to infect one’s thought-process, might give birth to the countless Trojan horses, Malwares, even virulent I-love-You. The virus infecting tragedy usually strikes ones very fast who are with weak inborn “antivirus”. This, in fact, turns “sane men into perverts” if one objectively analyses. But what is too bizarre is that some of such virus generating vices are let to flourish under the cover of silence while some are made to believe through media as “virtues” and while others as “talent” — with a whole lot of modish adornment and poetic adulation. Do you want to acknowledge that ones who cried hard against the despicable rape culture are the premier dealers of these vices? Some are producers too. I cut short here.  Because these days I fear the “thunder of hypocrisy” then the roars of the tiger in a jungle!

Candle March for death penalty of rapists.
Candle March. Pixabay

Yes, remaining complacent by mere hanging the perverts will be thus a downright immaturity. The identifying the causes of those vices that are hurting the society at large are equally important.  Of course, many try to overlook those vices as if they never make a bad impact upon the mindset an individual. Here I’ve an argument — has the heat of the hearth stopped boiling the water or burn your pack of currency notes to ash? As mentioned above, we can draw a perfect “analogy” between the virus infecting a computer leading to its inevitable “malfunction” with the people’s behavioral degeneration and wrong indulgences due to the continuous exposure and acceptance of vices.

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However, it would surely be good if the Government and awakened women organizations boldly pinpoint those forces as well which are culpable for presenting women as no less than commodities, and the dealers of the vices. In this, one is skeptical whether we can turn to the media with hope, or with doubt! Because, very absurdly, the definition of “good life” and its values have now been willfully distorted and redefined to suit the situation, plans and programs such that they would help further the agendas of that forces which rule the roost.

Stop the Terror of Rape.
Stop the Terror of Rape.

Anyway, whether one agrees or disagree, disinfecting/detoxing the “mindset” of the society is the only pathway to the sane society which we are now crying for. The healthy thought, healthy attitude, healthy acts can only toll the death knell for any kind of rapes or any kind of depravity.

Salil Gewali is a well-known writer and author of ‘Great minds on India’. Twitter: @SGewali

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