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Keeping secrets on internet could be dangerous too!


By Manas Dwivedi

Internet is nothing less than a revolution that has changed our lives in many ways. Whether it be soothing ourselves in the dining room or ordering a toothsome meal online, internet has everything to offer us. However, heavy dependence on technology has got its own perils, and the same goes for the usage of internet.

The recent Ashley Madison hacking case exemplifies the aforementioned proposition aptly. Ashley Madison, a Canada based online dating service portal, was hacked last month. The entire database of the website was decrypted. Later, the database was made public online.


A popular website among married couples, Ashley Madison coaxes individuals to cheat on their spouses. Its slogan itself says “Life is short. Have an affair.” The home page of Ashley Madison’s website depicts a woman holding a finger to her lips, which focuses on keeping secrets. But unfortunately the portal itself has failed in keep its users’ trust intact.

According to reports, sensitive and personal information of all its 30 million registered users has been made available online by a group of hackers called The Impact Team. The incident is turning out to be a horrific nightmare for those who trusted the website for full filling their dating fantasies and desires.


According to a recent data, around 651 dating scams have been reported in the last three months. In a similar instance, a major online dating portal, AdultFriendFinder fell prey to hackers and confidential details of around 3 million users were stolen. The dating service reportedly has 64 million members, which claims to help people in finding partners. The database not only included the basic information but also carried secret information of users having extra-marital affairs. The hack was planned and executed by the notorious dark web hacking forum ‘Hell’. The data went viral on internet and was easily accessible on social media platforms.

Previously in January 2013, another online dating portal got trapped in such a data breach. Australia based Cupid Media, which runs 35 dating sites- that also includes the famous and also got exposed. Profile passwords of around 42 million users across the globe were hacked and all the private credentials were exposed. The unknown hackers behind the act later sold the information to a third party.

2d9733988-cupidmedia.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Such instances take a toll on the lives of the people using such websites owing to the uncalled divulgence of their personal information. Trusting such online portals can really be dangerous wherein one is unaware of the credibility of the website. The hacked data is also misused by a number of people. Often, paparazzi use such covert information to sensationalize issues and target famous personalities.

Experts assume this as a ‘tit for tat’ policy undertaken by the hackers in order to get back at individuals who might have cheated on their spouses.

In the latest case, hackers have blamed Ashley Madison’s parent company, Avid Life Media for being a ‘fraud’ website that endorses men who at times tend to beguile users by pretending to be women. Not only the financial details of the users were exposed, but also they were made to go through situations wherein they were chastised for the fake identity they had taken to.

130206093536-online-dating-scams-tablet-largeThis woeful state of internet security would further get worsened with many more revelations in the future. Lives would be destroyed, marriages would break, many might lose their jobs and others might get badly depressed. This calls for an acute need for efficient cyber protection and a change in behaviours of users trusting internet blindly. It would not be right blaming the technology but trusting it sustainably would be highly appreciated.

The catchy marketing strategies endorsed by web-portals like Ashley Madison and AdultFriendFinder often force individuals to take to illicit practices though they wouldn’t really desire to do so; however, one needs to be judicious enough while divulging their personal information. Who might know such incidents could happen to you one day.

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ISIS looking for Muslim Women: Dating Sites have become new Recruitment drive for ‘lonely’ Islamic State members

ISIS is back to recruit and this time they are finding all means

ISIS members with the flag. VOA
  • ISIS is a modern non-state actor known for committing brutal acts of terror and its extreme political ideology in Iraq and Syria
  • The organization has used online platforms and social media networks to radicalize and recruit many people, most of which have been youth
  • ISIS is now recruiting through online dating websites

June 01, 2017: People watched in disbelief when hundreds of youngsters left their countries to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). These youngsters had decent comfortable lives in their countries, however, they left. This was the remarkable success of the approach adopted by ISIS to recruit new members and supporters for their organizations. The organization used social media to recruit or even radicalize the young minds. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube along with many other small time websites were used.

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ISIS members. VOA

Two years ago, an underground hacking group called ‘Anonymous’ waged an online cyber war against ISIS. The famous ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous successfully hacked multiple ISIS accounts. It was a famous online campaign when thousands of ISIS profiles were exposed online. Interestingly, Anonymous also revealed that ISIS recruiters are present on dating websites. A website called was one such site where ISIS members would seek brides. However, it was really just a recruitment method.

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Now it looks like the dating websites approach is back. ISIS is reportedly back on dating websites again. According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, based in Washington DC, ISIS now has advertisements placed on dating pages. This was confirmed by reports from Jordan. A girl from Jordan was stopped on her way to Syria. Her family claims that a militant living in Raqqa promised their daughter a lavish house with servants and a handsome fighter for a husband.

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This is precisely how ISIS has been so successful. It gives false promises to the youth; a luxurious lifestyle that is indeed attractive for the young adults. They are promised all the riches if they somehow make it to Syria. This tactic combined with the effective internet usage makes ISIS a threat to the global online community.

– By Saksham Narula of NewsGram. Twitter: @Saksham2394

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Leading Dating app Woo acquires DUS to bridge the Indian Diaspora

Leading Indian dating app Woo joins forces with Global dating app DUS to promote online dating specially for South Asian countries and Indian diaspora

online dating, wikimedia commons

Feb 18, 2017: Leading dating app Woo takes a step ahead in the online dating space by acquiring DUS, a Los Angeles-based dating app which focuses on the South Asian community. The move will further strengthen its positioning by joining Indians all over the globe.

DUS was specifically created for South Asian singles to provide them a dating opportunity within their community. Woo, which has been the pioneer in the online dating industry of India since its introduction in 2014 is now getting ready for a major global push. This acquisition is a natural and important step in steering its vision of connecting like-minded singles around the world.

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Woo announced that they have signed a formal agreement with DUS and now will acquire its brand and platform to tighten their grip in the US, one of the largest markets for the online dating industry along with UK and Canada.  With this collaboration, DUS will be able to open an attractive market and new growth avenues, strengthening its position in the international arena.

With this collaboration, DUS will be able to open an attractive market and new growth avenues, strengthening its position in the international arena.

Jus Reign, YouTube personality and famed Indian-Canadian comedian, is one of the founders of DUS. He will keep using his online influence and voice to continue Dus’ mission by promoting Woo through his primarily western South Asian audience. The DUS leadership team will continue to help Woo in thinking through its customizing user features designed for the international Indian community and country growth strategy.

The DUS leadership team will continue to help Woo in thinking through its customizing user features designed for the international Indian community and country growth strategy.

Sumesh Menon, Co-Founder of Woo, while talking about the acquisition said, “I am confident that DUS acquisition will help accelerate our outreach to Indians globally. While originally designed for India alone we quickly realized that our platform had a global appeal and was already favored by Indians internationally to form a strong connect back to their homeland.”

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“Our goal has always been to promote freedom of choice when it comes to dating along with generally helping Desis meet each other. The Woo acquisition will provide us with the resources to continue to do just that,” said Shawn sheikh, CEO, DUS.

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The dating app Woo has quickly been accepted all over the world. It is the top-grossing Indian dating app on the Playstore. The new redesigned version of the app has been modified to appeal to the Indian diaspora globally. This new version has features such as enhanced profiles with commonality tracking. Tags can be added by the users now to their profiles and these can be used to search and filter through profiles.

Woo believes in the power of a true ‘connection’ and the various facets of it. The app has now made it easier to connect with more like-minded people with its safe and easy navigation. Owing to its focus on genuine profiles, real people, and real conversations, Woo feels that great conversations are just waiting to happen; all you need to do is just find, chat and meet like-minded people.

– prepared by Durba Mandal of NewsGram. Twitter: @dubumerang

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Women give weak signals during online dating


New Delhi: A research revealed that when it comes to online dating, women do not like to make the first move but would rather send ‘meek signals’ in order to continue the chat.

Even if they are interested, the women still do not take a step forward to initiate the online chatting.

Weak signalling is the ability to visit or ‘check out’ a potential mate’s profile so the potential mate knows the focus-user visited.

Women, cleverly would use flirting equivalents using the suggestive look or bodily gesture like a hair toss to one side or an over the shoulder glance, subjecting to innumerable interpretations and various misinterpretations.

It has also been found that users with anonymous identity viewed more number of profiles. It is also likely that they checks out same-sex and interracial matches.

But mostly they end up with fewer matches than non-anonymous counterparts.

The female users with anonymous browsing end up with an average of 14 percent fewer matches.

Men being on the bold and unreserved side, take the cue.

“Men send four times the number of messages than women do,” said Akhmed Umyarov, assistant professor at University of Minnesota.

50,000 users were given free access to feature for a month to examine the impact of anonymous browsing telling them to view profiles of other users without leaving digital traces.

Professor Ravi Bapna said, “Even though people are willing to pay to become anonymous in online dating sites, we find that the feature is detrimental to the average users.”

Future academic analysis on online dating can be followed using this study published in the journal Management Science.

Such experiments can prove to be useful in online matching platforms, improving the consumer experience. But experiments are to be done ethically, the researchers added.(IANS)