More than 14000 Indians overstayed in US last year


Washington: According to a report by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), of the nearly nine lakh Indians who visited the US on visitor or business visa in 2015, more than 14,000 overstayed.

According to the ‘Entry/Exit Overstay Report for Fiscal 2015’, of the nearly 45 million non-immigrant visitor admissions through air or sea, a total of 527,127 overstayed their welcome.

In other words, 98.83 per cent left the US on allotted time between October 2014 and September 2015, the DHS report said.

Overstaying means a non-immigrant who was admitted into the US for specific, temporary purpose stayed on after his or her lawful admission period ended.

 While the report focuses on non-immigrant visitors on B1 and WB business or pleasure (B2 and WT) visas, it does not include figures pertaining to work visas like H-1B or on F-1 student visas.
Due to further departures by individuals by January 4, 2016, the DHS was able to confirm the departures of over 99 per cent of non-immigrant visitors scheduled to depart in FY 2015 by air and sea. The number continues to grow.

The DHS report said countries with ties to terrorism had significant numbers still in the US: 1,435 from Pakistan, 681 (Iraq), 564 (Iran), 440 (Syria), 219 (Yemen), 219 (Afghanistan) and 56 from Libya.(IANS)(Image-Firstpost)