Nepal to Conduct Conference on Buddhism May 19-21

Nepal is going to conduct the conference in order to further aggrandize the homeland of Lord Buddha, Lumbini all over the globe

Lumbini. Image source: Wikimedia Commons

By Aakash Jakhar

Nepal, a Sovereign state in South Asia is trying to endeavour in becoming the centre for Buddhism, which is why they have decided to host a three-day event,  a multinational conference which would emphasize upon the Buddhist culture and the life and living of Lord Buddha. The conference is to be held from May, 19th to 21st of May in Kathmandu, the nation’s capital city.

Ananda Prasad Pokharel, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation addressed media in a news conference in Kathmandu on Saturday and said, Nepal is going to conduct the conference in order to further aggrandize the homeland of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, all over the globe.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Gautam Budhha:Wikimedia Commons

The country’s government is doing the spadework to organize this multinational-level conference for the colossal publicity of the indispensable heritages left surviving in Lumbini and promulgate the concept of world peace.

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A committee of 501 members has already been composed by the Council of Ministers under the headship of Minister Pokharel in order to make the conference a striking success.

On the juncture, the Vice Chairman of Lumbini Development Fund Nigrodh Siddhartha exhibited his confidence that this conference would surely aid for evolving Lumbini as a pious centre and stimulate the religious and cultural tourism of Nepal.

The government has delivered invitation to General Ban Ki-moon(UN Secretary) , premier of states of the contiguous countries and ministers for culture, high-authority representatives from various countries and federations as well as Buddhist polymaths and contemplatives for their involvement in the multinational conference.

Aakash Jakhar is an engineering graduate from Sat Kabir Institute of Technology and Management, Haryana. Twitter: @DabanggDragon


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  • Pragya Jha

    Buddhism is a religion which started by Lord Buddha in Nepal but spread globally with the efforts of his follower Ashoka.

  • Pritam Go Green

    Well, Fingers crossed !!
    Who knows what good will come out of it.
    In-spite of all the brutal killings, Yet Nothing has been done for the support of the minority killings in South Asia