New parliament building proposed by LS Speaker


New Delhi: LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has mooted a proposal for a new parliament building as the 88-year old structure is under “distress”.

The speaker has written to the Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu asking him to consider the proposal. He has also suggested the Parliament complex itself or the area across the Rajpath for the proposed building.

She pointed to the possible increase in the number of parliamentary constituencies after 2026 in congruence with clause (3) Article 81 of the Constitution which requires determination of representation in accordance with the last census (likely in 2021).

In addition, she also indicates the current pressures on the parliament building, observing that the building constructed in 1927 has since only seen increased activity which has brought it under growing “distress”.

“On account of ageing of the Parliament House building and expansion in activities, staff etc, the building has shown signs of distress and overutilization…Under the circumstances, there is an imperative need for the construction of a new state-of-art Parliament building,” she said.

As the current Parliament building has been declared a ‘Heritage Grade-I’ structure there are several limitations to structural repairs, additions or other such alterations, which is also another reason for a new building.

She also said that the parliament building needed modern and technological upgradations. A modern building would be better equipped with the latest gadgets that would assist in increasing the productivity of the members.

“This would also require redesigning and refurbishing of the sitting arrangements in the Lok Sabha Chamber. Whereas there are limitations to this in the present sitting arrangements in the Chamber, a new building will offer better scope for a modern Parliament building equipped with latest technological tools,” Mahajan said.

Earlier, a suggestion for a new parliament building was made at a meeting of the Budget Committee of Parliament. (IANS) (image