One meal per day for sex workers saving Rs 1 lakh for flood victims


Sex workers hailing from Ahmednagar in Maharashtra lived on just a single meal a day in order to save money for the relief work in flood-hit Chennai.

NGO Snehalaya organized an event in Ahmednagar where the sex workers presented District Collector Anil Kawade with a cheque for Rs 1 lakh.

“These women were restless since the last four days, when they came to know of the deluge in Chennai. They decided they should do something to help residents there,” said the NGO Snehalaya founder Girish Kulkarni to a news agency.

The district houses three thousand sex workers, of whom, two thousand contributed to the relief fund, because they believed a disaster had befallen Tamil Nadu.

“We are in touch with Delhi-based NGO Goonj for ensuring further relief to the people of Chennai,” added Kulkarni.

Tamil Nadu coast lines were lashed with rains the entire past week, which flooded its capital– the port city Chennai, along with its surrounding areas. Thousands are homeless and are staying in relief camps with scare amenities. Rains have lessened much in both frequency and intensity now. Still, such has been the damage, that an epidemic outbreak is feared to possibly strike while people are attempting to recover the city.