Opposition ready to set winter session agendas


New Delhi: With political majors including the Congress, Trinamool Congress and CPM upping the ante, the issue of ‘intolerance’ is expected to be one of the major concern to be tabled in the upcoming winter session of the Parliament which starts on November 26.

The political parties are relentlessly pressing for a dialogue on the issue.

Moreover, with the West Bengal assembly elections approaching early next year, Trinamool Congress is all geared up to question the government’s ‘ache din’ propaganda. They have already submitted a notice to Rajya Sabha asking for a discussion under Rule 167 on the ‘unity in diversity’ theme.

This discussion is expected to encompass the issue of intolerance prevailing in India.”We will ask all other opposition parties to join us on the issue,” said MP Derek O’Brien told reporters.

“Unity in diversity and operational federalism are two key issues that need to be discussed threadbare in Parliament,” he added.

Under the Rule 176, CPM has also submitted a notice asking for a short period discussion. As both CPM and TMC are rival parties they would not want to be seen under the same umbrella. This has led to two different notices being submitted by the parties on the same issue.

“Our tactics will be decided on the floor of the House, but our strategy is clear,” said O’Brienin in the interview.

46 MP’s of TMC have been directed by Chief Mamata Banerjee to participate in debates to showcase their ideas rather than disrupting businesses. Although TMC does not rule out the prospects of partaking in walkouts and disruption by others.

The discussion is expected to comprise of debates over operational federalism apart from Unity in diversity as it is speculated to hit out at the Centre for meddling in states’ affairs, which can be a potential attempt for other parties to join in.