Oxford to become the first British city to ban non-recyclable food containers



By NewsGram Staff Writer

With an eye on saving the environment, Oxford is set to become the first British city to ban non-recyclable food containers.

Oxford, famous for the world renowned Oxford University, will now take the initiative to safeguard the environment.

“Oxford will ban non-recyclable polystyrene foam food containers, beating New York City across the Atlantic, in enforcing the policy,” an English daily reported.

In order to reduce the amount of waste in the city, all street vendors in Oxford will be asked to use recyclable or biodegradable food containers, The Independent reported.

The norm will have to be followed by burger vans, kebab vans, and food sellers in the city when they apply for new licenses.

As the vendors decide to use non-recyclable stock, streets would become cleaner. The idea of banning non-recyclable containers became popular around 70 cities when the United States started a similar campaign to save the environment.

The reactions from Oxford, however, are yet to match the scale of the popularity of ban in New York, where around 28,500 tonnes of polystyrene was collected in 2014.