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Represent Nagaland before India: PB Acharya to policemen


Dimapur: The governor of Nagaland PB Acharya recently told Nagaland policemen posted in the country’s capital Delhi, to come forth and represent the state among people who do not get to explore its culture.

  • Governor Acharya met with officials of the Nagaland state police posted in Delhi at Nagaland House on February 10.
  • During the meeting, Police Commandant Neiba Newmai briefed the governor about the officials’ duties and current activities in Delhi who are ‘doing well in their duties and comfortable in their stay in Delhi.’
  • Newmai also informed about the 1,266 Nagaland policemen posted in the capital.
  • On behalf of the police officers and policemen in the region, he thanked the governor for giving them an opportunity to meet him and share their experiences.
  • Governor PB Acharya congratulated the officers and policeman for their ‘good performance in their duties’ at the capital, further stating that life was not only about engaging in duties associated with the uniform but that ‘in all activities we are the ambassadors of the state of Nagaland.’
  • The people of the mainland regions of the country do not get ample opportunities to visit Nagaland or the other northeast states; whereas the people of the northeast region come out of their states to pursue their studies, seek jobs and do businesses in all the major cities of the country.
  • Talking about responsibilities of policemen towards Nagaland, the governor said, ‘We need to take the responsibilities together to share about our state and the northeast people, culture, tourism and many more opportunities in the region to the people of our country.’
  • He said further that Nagaland House was the ‘welfare centre’ of the Naga people and that all the staffers of Nagaland House, and policemen, businessmen and students of Nagaland are representing their ‘sorrow and happiness’ of the life of the people before the country in Delhi. (Inputs from, Image source:
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Places to visit in North East India.
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Places to visit in North East India.
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Places to visit in North East India.
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Places to visit in North East India.
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Places to visit in North East India.
Majuli Island. Wikimedia.

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Places to visit in North East India.
Shilloi Lake. Wikimedia.

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