Reservation system an ‘amoeboid monster’, says Gujarat HC Judge


Ahmedabad: Gujarat High Court’s Justice JB Pardiwala, on Tuesday, spoke against the need of the reservation system in India even after more than six decades of independence.

“The parody of the situation is that India must be the only country wherein some of the citizens crave to be called backward,” said the judge to TOI, lamenting the fact that certain communities in the country still demand the benefits accompanying the quota system.

According to the judge, the two forces of reservation and corruption have worked together in holding back the nation’s progress and causing its downfall.

“It is very shameful for any citizen of this country to ask for reservation after 65 years of independence. When our constitution was framed, it was understood that the reservation would remain for a period of 10 years, but unfortunately, it has continued ever after 65 years of independence,” he said.

Justice Pardiwala, who accepted sedition charges against Hardik Patel, the Patidar quota stir leader, while dropping the charges of waging war against the state, further said, “The biggest threat today for this country is corruption.”

“The countrymen should rise and fight against corruption at all levels rather than shedding blood and indulging in violence for the reservation. The reservation has only played the role of an amoeboid monster sowing seeds of discord amongst the people. The importance of merit, in any society, cannot be understated,” he added.