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SBP President highlights need to replace India’s outdated bureaucracy


New Delhi: India’s only liberal party, Swarna Bharat Party’s(SBP) President Vishal Singh highlighted the critical importance for India to replace its outdated bureaucracy which is the legacy of the colonial times and which has had limited knowledge of governance.

He said that corruption would be eliminated entirely when the new bureaucracy will come and that be fully accountable for the results. He added that with the help of knowledge in the field of public choice theory and new public management in last fifty years, an entirely new machinery of government can be brought in force.

He said to achieve this there is a need for the appointment of senior officials by the relevant senior person. For example in the case of a secretary, the appointing authority would be either Prime Minister or Chief Minister. The appointment would happen on hire and fire contract basis which ensure total alignment with performance. These contracts dispense with all the unnecessary and dilatory processes which stop accountability to be ensured in the current system if the integrity of the appointing authority is assured.

The senior officials would be hired from the open market and would be paid well in the comparison to the private sector. These would be mainly the citizens of India. It would ensure that bureaucratic system consists high-quality capability, expertise and demonstrated capability.

Vishal Singh said, “Our party is committed to replacing all tenured civil services such as the IAS, with accountable public servants. This task has been undertaken in many advanced countries without much disruption. All it requires is political will. While we acknowledge that there is considerable talent in the current tenured services, the lack of appropriate incentives has delivered one of the world’s least efficient and accountable bureaucracies.”

Swarna Bhartiya Party’s manifesto includes an extensive discussion on this issue. Party’s President, however, pointed out that it is not enough to undertake this reform without other associated reforms. Importantly state funding of elections and in relations to political incentives and accountability, to let honest people enter politics consistently.

He highlighted the need for honest and committed political leaders without which a new machinery of governance will not be practicable.

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Reasons Why India Has Become a Call Center Hub

Experts are expecting the industry to grow considerably in the coming years on account of a steady influx of foreign investors

India is one of the largest call centre hubs in the world. Pixabay
India is one of the largest call centre hubs in the world. Pixabay
  • India has become a call center hub
  • In past few years, the industry has seen a drastic growth
  • There are several reasons which are making this industry flourish in India at such a fast pace

For over a decade, the call center industry in India has reached at least US$710 million in revenue. Experts are expecting the industry to grow considerably in the coming years on account of a steady influx of foreign investors.

At present, there are a lot of call centers in India and nearly every multinational company has outsourced their customer service to the country. Call centers, after all, can help in terms providing better customer outreach and flexibility according to More so, it has become essential for companies to set up call centers in India as a means to lessen costs and, more importantly, achieve better growth.

UP Investor Summit saw the launch of app e-Saathi.
This upsurge in the industry is providing many people with jobs. Pixabay

Indeed, it’s not so hard to think about the reasons why India has been preferred as a call center hub by a lot of foreign corporations. For a fact, these reasons are too obvious to begin with.

Government support

Ever since it lifted obstacles that have gotten in the way, the Indian government was able to prioritize the growth of the call center industry as an important economic driver, and it has continued to do so today. With such a strong backing from policymakers, the business process outsourcing environment in the country continues to prosper.

 A competitive workforce

The first thing that’s on this list is the Indian workforce itself. A lot of companies are looking towards India not because it’s cheaper to set up a CRM arm there. It’s the Indian employees themselves that encourage companies to invest. What with a great wealth of skilled and professional workers, India is a powerhouse when it comes right down to supplying qualified individuals to the job of engaging clients from overseas.

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From text to graphics, this software does it all. Pixabay
A competitive workforce is another reason for the upsurge of call centre industry in India. Pixabay

English proficiencies

But aside from the abilities of Indian workers along the lines of customer service, it is their capacity to speak English is what drives companies from Canada and the United States to expand their operations across the subcontinent. Language, after all, is an important factor of effective CRM, and with an Indian workforce, companies can get a competitive edge.

 An effective training environment

One reason why Indian call center workers are valuable is that they are constantly trained. Nothing else can provide better results than a worker who has just updating his skills through re-training. For foreign investors, this has been one of the most notable reasons  they prefer to establish a foothold in India.

Investments in IT

Apart from being a call center hub, India has also been regarded as one of the world’s most important tech hubs, standing side by side with Silicon Valley. Recent forays into the IT industry has introduced several innovations that have also impacted other industries as well. Call centers are not exempted from these disruptions since they are currently reaping the benefits of updated technologies and infrastructure.

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Cloud networking is also a great way of lessening the work burden. Pizabay
Investment in IT and Infrastructure is increasing the number of call centers in India. Pixabay

There are still a lot of reasons that can very well define the successes of the Indian call center industry. What’s important is that the industry enjoys a large share of the global call center pie, providing employment and driving growth for the years to come.