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Singer Demi Lovato creates a social media account for her pet dog Batman on Instagram

Singer Demi Lovato, Wikimedia

Los Angeles, March 8, 2017: Singer Demi Lovato has created a social media account for her pet dog Batman on Instagram.

Lovato got Batman after her previous pet dog Buddy died.

The 24-year-old has over 54 million followers of her own page on the photo-sharing platform and now she has decided that her pet dog needs his own followers, reports

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Lovato announced Batman was on Instagram with a post on Twitter on Monday night.

“It’s official: my dog has an Instagram,” she tweeted.

So far there are just a few photographs of Batman on the site, including an image of Lovato cuddling Batman along with the caption “Mom”.

Since his account went live, Batman has already attracted over 4,800 followers. (IANS)

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New algorithm may help locate fake Facebook and Twitter accounts

Using the meta-features, the researchers, constructed a generic classifier that can detect fake profiles

Facebook and Twitter fake accounts can now be identified. Pixabay

Scientists have developed a new generic algorithm based on machine-learning to detect fake accounts on social network platforms including Facebook and Twitter, an advance with considerable potential for applications in the cyber-security arena.

“With recent disturbing news about failures to safeguard user privacy, and targeted use of social media to influence elections, rooting out fake users has never been of greater importance,” said lead researcher Dima Kagan from the Ben-Gurion University (BGU) in Israel.

The icon of Facebook.
Facebook has many fake profiles. Pixabay

The study showed that the algorithm is generic, and efficient both in revealing fake users and in disclosing the influential people in social networks. “Overall, the results demonstrated that in a real-life friendship scenario we can detect people who have the strongest friendship ties as well as malicious users, even on Twitter,” the researchers said.

Based on machine-learning algorithms, the new method, detailed in the journal Social Network Analysis and Mining, works on the assumption that fake accounts tend to establish improbable links to other users in the networks.

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It constructs a link prediction classifier that can estimate, with high accuracy, the probability of a link existing between two users. It also generates a new set of meta-features based on the features created by the link prediction classifier.

Twitter to soon release Snapchat like feature. VOA
Fake accounts on Twitter will be identifie too. VOA

Using the meta-features, the researchers, constructed a generic classifier that can detect fake profiles in a variety of online social networks. “We tested our algorithm on simulated and real-world data sets on 10 different social networks and it performed well on both,” Kagan said.

Previously, researchers from the BGU had developed the Social Privacy Protector (SPP) to help users evaluate their friends list in seconds to identify which have few or no mutual links and might be “fake” profiles. IANS