Spicy lies: Yippee ad claims being safe, FDA disagrees


img1440393117822By NewsGram Staff Writer

After the recent Maggi ban and its subsequent upliftment, now Yippee noodles is on the path of courting controversy.

Today’s  Hindustan Times flashed a huge brightly colored advertisement that claims that Yipee is safe and bases the claim on a number of tests it underwent to prove its credibility. However, Indian Express, dated 24th August 2015, in a report claims that excessive lead has been found in the samples of Yippee noodles.

The report says that Uttar Pradesh Food and Drug Authority (FDA) recently found excess lead in ITC’s Yippee noodles. The samples tested contained lead amount  “in excess to the permissible limit”. The tested samples had 1.057 ppm of lead as against the permissible amount of below 1 ppm.

The report has been sent to the FDA Chief Commissioner for permission before filing an official case.