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‘Starved’ cook reveals life at Saudi diplomat’s house


By NewsGram Staff Writer

Gurgaon: A lady employed as domestic help by a Saudi diplomat was treated badly and given two rotis a day. The diplomat was accused for raping two Nepalese women in his accommodation at Gurgaon.

Neetu, the domestic help in Saudi Diplomat’s house

In an interview to a leading news daily, Neetu, who hails from Darjeeling in West Bengal, revealed how she was also ill-treated, starved and locked up like the two Nepalese women whose ordeal has been in headlines recently. She was the first to alert NGO Maiti India through her friend Anita, about the two trapped Nepalese women who later alleged rape. She told that she got away only by threatening her employer’s wife with a knife.

According to newspaper reports, the victim was hired as a female cook at the diplomat’s place this year, by a man who is resident of Kerala, namely, Anwar. This man, who got those two Nepalese women, also promised Neetu that she will get Rs 18, 000. “Anwar took me to Gurgaon. He told me that if I worked hard, my salary will be on time,” said Neetu.

At the beginning, everything was good but later, things took an ugly turn. “We were given just one roti a day along with some black tea. The family used to eat pre-cooked food and hardly asked me to prepare rice for them,” said Neetu.

She also told that she was assured a day off in a week but she never got off and was loaded with more work.

“The other two girls and I were not allowed to talk and were made to sleep in different rooms. The family had dinner twice, at 8pm once and again at 2am. So, we were usually up till 4am washing the utensils and cleaning the living room and kitchen. The employer’s wife then woke us up at 6am,” Neetu said.

The cook and two Nepalese women were planning to abscond from the dwelling but the diplomat got hint of it, the cook stated. So he held them hostage in a room for two hours.

“I was asked to give them massages on some occasions but I refused. I did not understand their language and they didn’t understand ours,” the cook revealed.

At the end of a month, Neetu came to the conclusion that she had to leave that place. But she was menaced by them.

One day, she had a word with her spouse. “I took the call and spoke to him. But, as soon as I was done talking, the employer snatched away my mobile phone from me furiously. I was angry and told them that I did not want to work with them anymore,” she said.

“The employer’s wife abused me and even held a knife to me and threatened to kill me,” Neetu said. They asked Anwar to take her from there. “Anwar came and asked me to go downstairs and wait. I packed my bag and went down. I waited for two hours but he did not come. I later called my husband who came and picked me up from the main gate,” she said.

“I worked for nearly 25 days and was not paid for even a single day. I will approach a court if I do not get my pending salary,” Neetu said.

Neetu stated that she went to both Nepal and Saudi embassies for help but she was ignored.

(With inputs from HT)

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An 18 year-old school teacher set ablaze after refusing a marriage proposal in Pakistan

Independent Human Rights Commissionof Pakistan records 76 cases of women being set on fire

Last year in 2015, in a similar incident a Pakistani woman was 'set on fire for refusing marriage proposal' and died in Multan, Pakistan.
  • 18 year-old school teacher based in Punjab province of Pakistan died of burn injuries
  • On June 1, police arrested three people in Islamabad in connection with the killing
  • The provincial government has set up a three-member team to investigate the case

ISLAMABAD- Police reported on Thursday, June 2 that an 18 year-old school teacher based in Punjab province of Pakistan died of burn injuries after she was set on fire for refusing a marriage proposal.

Her family members told that the perpetrators beat Maria Abbasi, then drenched her in petrol and set her ablaze before leaving her for dead, reported CNN.

Maria Abbasi was baby-sitting a younger sister near Murree, Pakistan. Image source: CNN

“Maria was at her home in Murree town baby-sitting her five-year-old sister while her family had gone to attend a funeral in a nearby town,” said Rafaqat Abbasi, her uncle.

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“At the funeral, her family was alerted that she ‘was on fire’. Initially they thought there had been some accident, perhaps a pipe had burst or something.”

Violence on women: A Pakistani teenager Aamna Bibi, seen here as she is taken to hospital on Thursday, has died from her injuries after setting herself on fire when police set free her alleged rapists in 2014. Image source: Reuters
Violence on women: A Pakistani teenager Aamna Bibi, seen here as she is taken to hospital on Thursday, has died from her injuries after setting herself on fire when police set free her alleged rapists in 2014. Image source: Reuters

When the family returned home, they saw Maria lying on the floor, with 85 per cent of her body covered in burns, the uncle said. Maria was taken to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad, where she later succumbed on Wednesday.

Nabeela Ghazafar, Punjab Police spokesman said, three people were arrested on Wednesday, June 1 in Islamabad in connection with the killing. An arrest warrant is out for a fourth individual, she added. The provincial government has set up a three-member team to investigate the case.

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According to the report from independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, there have been 76 cases of women being set on fire. Commission also said that violence against women remains rampant in the country.

-prepared by Bhaskar Raghavendran (with inputs from VOA), a reporter at NewsGram. Twitter: bhaskar_ragha


5 responses to “An 18 year-old school teacher set ablaze after refusing a marriage proposal in Pakistan”

  1. Surely not accepted by anybody. Pakistan needs to look into women safety issues

  2. Why these people cannot absorb a rejection? .. Women aren’t any object… They have the right to make their own decisions.. People generally argue that these sort of things happen on the spur of the moment.. This is nuisance.. In India also, people talk about women empowerment on one side and on the other side cases of acid attacks show up ruining the lives of innocent girls.. This is too much to bear

  3. This is shameful!! Just because she didn’t want to marry that person she was set ablaze..pathetic! The police should punish the culprits ASAP. I hope the authorities don’t take this matter casually just like the many other crimes that go unattended.

  4. it is shameful that such things still happen in the world. don’t we have a say in matters that concern us and our entire life? should anyone be harmed, if their decision goes against our wishes?
    this is barbaric.

  5. It is very dissapointing! The women’s should not be harmed like this the police should take strict actions agaist such kind of persons.

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Security for Saudi diplomat, wounds for victims


By Ridham Gambhir

Ambience Island Caitriona

New Delhi: An eminent locality with well-lit driveways, plush parking lots and skyscrapers is a lap of luxury and a symbol of opulence. Gurgaon’s Ambience Island is one such community.

Not many would have doubted this palatial locality for breeding a man who doesn’t deserve to be called a man. Recently, a Saudi diplomat, Majed Hassan Ashoor, was accused of abducting, raping and starving two Nepalese women at his home.

As per the media reports, the diplomat took these two women from Nepal to Jeddah, promising a well-paid job, which never materialised. Instead, these two women were not only made to do the domestic work, but were sexually exploited as well.

The torture-session in Jeddah didn’t satisfy his senses as he chose to come to India, in a deluxe place like Caitriona complex in Gurgaon, where these two women saw the worst of brutality.

As appalling as it could get, it was not just the diplomat who tormented these women, but he was joined by his wife and daughter as well. The mother-daughter duo would thrash the two Nepali-maids-400x260women on a regular basis. With no specific reason for such animosity towards these two individuals, the torture wasn’t limited to juse thrashing.

The diplomat allegedly called many of his other ‘diplomat’ friends to partake in these sessions of torture and sexual violations of their bodies. The other diplomats, allegedly, raped these women after having watched porn in order to practice violent acts on them. The women were penetrated with sex toys and other objects that led to genital bruises and abrasions.

These two women were subjected to violence that is beyond imagination. Although, the medical examination revealed genital injuries, urine infection and other bruises, but would it be possible to fathom the level of mental pain that these two underwent for months?

They were repeatedly starved, kicked, raped and gang-raped by the diplomat and his friends. It is hard to believe that two women inflicted pain on the two others!

Under the ‘Vienna Convention On Diplomatic Relations’, the diplomat is liable for an immunity. It is this very immunity that allowed him to escape this critical (and criminal) situation and seek resort at the Saudi Arabian embassy where Indian law would not be able to reach him. Due to the Convention, the diplomats who allegedly raped the two women are not subject to India’s jurisdiction.

Moreover, the Saudi Arabia embassy rejected these allegations by dismissing them as “completely baseless” and filed a complaint against the raid that was conducted in the diplomat’s house for they consider this to be a violation of a diplomatic rules.

Ashoor left India and so did the two women. The former, under the security of Vienna Convention, got away but whatever he did to those women would never desert them.

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Saudi diplomat indicted for rape leaves India


New Delhi: The Saudi Arabian diplomat indicted of raping two Nepali woman left India on Wednesday, an official said.

Picture Credit:
Picture Credit:

“We learn that Saudi Embassy First Secretary Mr. Majed Hassan Ashoor, who is allegedly accused of abusing two Nepali maids, has left India. The first secretary being a diplomat is governed by the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” external affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said in a statement.

The diplomat was accused by the two Nepalese women of rape and Gurgaon police had filed a First Information Report in the case.

However, the Vienna Convention provides for diplomatic immunity to serving diplomats and their immediate families.