Syed Akbaruddin pledges India’s ‘steadfast support’ to poorer countries


United Nations: India’s newly-minted Permanent Representative, Syed Akbaruddin,on Tuesday, pledged India’s steadfast support to poorer countries on issues that matters to them and said it would  give them special consideration.

Speaking at a meeting of the Group of 77, he said: “India will be resolute in pushing for developing country’s unity and will spare no effort to give special consideration to the interests of our brothers and sisters from LDCs (Least Developed Countries), SIDS (Small Island Developing States) and LLDCs (Land-locked Developing  Countries). They can count on our steadfast support on issues of concern to them.”

Group of 77 or G-77 is the largest inter-governmental organization at the UN and it  advocates for its economic interests and promotes cooperation among the  members. From 77 members at its founding in 1964, it has grown to 134  members. The meeting was held here for the ceremonial transfer of the chairmanship of the organization of developing countries from South Africa to Thailand.

Referring to Agenda 2030, the ambitious program of sustainable  development goals adopted at the UN summit last September, Akbaruddin said, “If 2015 was a year of negotiation and deliberation, 2016 should be a time of consolidation and implementation.”

Asserting that the focus during the implementation phase should be on the priorities and needs of the developing countries, he said, “The  founding principles of the Group of 77 — equity, solidarity and unity, rooted as they are in our collective aspiration to help our people  achieve a life of dignity — are even more relevant.”

Thai Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said his chairmanship’s priority would be pushing for the effective implementation of Agenda 2030. “In  line with our theme, we will seek to pursue inclusive development, allowing for the active involvement of all stakeholders,” he said.

He added that it was important to ensure that the “commitments made by  developed countries to developing countries are duly honored”.

India redoubled its outreach to small island developing countries and  land-locked developing countries. Last year, it hosted the second summit of the 14-nation Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) in Jaipur and New Delhi. India announced enhanced wide-ranging cooperation, including in space and information and communications technology. (Arul Louis, IANS)