Unique ID Cards For the Disabled Coming Soon in India

Disabled man in Calcutta. Image courtesy: indiamike.com
  • 2.23% of India’s population suffers from various disabilities 
  • For the first time, Ministry of Social Justice has come up with a new database to issue UDID cards to differently able people
  • The cards will indicate the intensity of disability through a color scheme

The Ministry of Social Justice, a branch of the government responsible for welfare, social justice, and empowerment of disadvantaged and marginalized sections of society, will launch a central database for the disabled and issue Unique Disable Identity (UDID) cards.

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The design for these cards seems to have been well thought upon. On one side, a color bar will show the level of intensity of the disability. A yellow bar indicates the extent of disability of 40%, blue for 40% to 80%, and above 80% is indicated by the color red. These cards will also bear a unique hologram to avoid duplicate identities.

Around 2.23% of the population in India suffer from disabilities, which amount to about 27 million people. There had been no system until now to identify this huge chunk of the population. The database that is being worked on by the government will be available to the public domain in June for registration at the district level, a first of its kind endeavor.

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The portal will serve as a means to acquire disability certificates, and will ensure that everyone with all degrees of disabilities has access to this facility. The portal will allow the people to mention details of their disabilities, after which they will go through a screening process before being allotted UDID cards. Because not everyone has access to the internet, a provision of offline forms has been ensured.

Vinod Aggarwal, Secretary of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment at the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities said on Tuesday last week, “This would enable the government to have genuine and real time data on disability covering various aspects such as level of education, income and employment status”.

The Government also plans to establish Central University for Disability Studies and Research in Kerala, following which, similar centers will be built in other states too.

-written by Saurabh Bodas, an intern at NewsGram. Twitter Handle: @saurabhbodas96





  • Shubhi Mangla

    That’s a very thoughtful and effective way to provide the disabled with ID Cards. Measuring of level of disability can also be done which may help them to avail government schemes.

  • Vrushali Mahajan

    A very important and effective measure taken for the disabled people. Also, measuring the level of disability with color is a good idea as it would help the government to categorize people into various groups.

  • devika todi

    such an initiative is a welcome change. however, the government should be careful that measuring of the disability level done prior to receiving the ID is done in a fair and proper manner, which is free from corruption.